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Multiple Surveillance and Video Analytics Solutions
Our goal at I-View is to promote new technologies in the video surveillance industry, allowing organizations to safeguard their people, assets, facilities, and overall peace of mind. We offer flexible and scalable solutions for high-definition video monitoring and recording. In the meantime seamlessly integrate with CMS, FoS (Failover Server), IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) Server, ACNR (Auto Container Code Recognition), ALPR (Auto License Plate Recognition), Face Recognition, and Parking Guidance System. We focus on discovering new technologies to help businesses of all sizes install surveillance systems that can adapt to unique security needs as their environment develops.

Our offering

Video surveillance solutions
A comprehensive range of network video surveillance solutions are available, including cameras, NVR, CMS, Failed Over Server, video analytics, and applications. Our IP-based portfolio ensures scalability, making integration simple.

Intelligent Video Analytics solutions
Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions are the future of security. With 12 different behavior analysis techniques, ALPR, ACNR, and Face Recognition, i-View’s IVA solutions are at the forefront of the latest technology trends. These comprehensive security technologies are expanding the deployment of proprietary technologies in commercial products to ensure competitiveness in the global market.

Vehicle recognition solutions
Our company specializes in integrating advanced algorithms for vehicle recognition and video analytics. We focus on the following modules: ALPR, AMMR, ACNR, AWNR, and AUTO UIC multi-car recognition modules. We use state-of-the-art image processing, computer vision, neural networks, and machine learning algorithms to ensure our system performs exceptionally well across various applications.

Parking Lot Management solutions
Our parking management solutions are open, scalable, and flexible. They seamlessly integrate with surveillance and public address systems. With i-View, parking becomes simpler, smarter, and safer.

IP Audio solutions
Our IP audio solutions provide complete and high-quality audio to enhance security, make announcements, create ambiance, and integrate with IVA surveillance for crime prevention.

Planning, Training, and support
An extensive range of academy training, technical support, and tools are provided to help customers maximize their investment and work successfully with i-View solutions for IP audio.

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