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Multiple Surveillance and Security Solution
Continues to drive the new technologies in the video surveillance market and helps organizations protect and secure their people, assets, facilities, and peace of mind is our aim. From scalable HD video monitoring and recording to integrate with NVR, CMS, FoS (Failover Server), IP Cameras, IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) Server, ALPR (Auto License Plate Recognition), Face Recognition, Network Audio System, and Parking Guidance System. i-View unveils new technology at an unrivaled stable, to provide organizations of all sizes with the ability to deploy surveillance systems that can scale and adapt to your unique security needs as your environment evolves.

Our offering

Video surveillance solutions
A wide range of network video surveillance solutions including cameras, NVR, CMS, Failed Over Server, video analytics, and applications. Our IP-based portfolio ensures scalability and simplifies integration.

Intelligent Video Analytics solutions
Intelligent Video Analytics to reflect the latest trends also is a key to the next generation in security. i-View’s IVA solutions, including 12 kinds of behavior analysis, ALPR, and Face Recognition, etc., comprehensive security technologies, and is at the forefront of the latest technology trends, expanding the deployment of proprietary technologies in commercial products to ensure competitiveness in the global market.

Vehicle recognition solutions
We specialize in Vehicle recognition and Video analytics security algorithm applied to the ALPR, AMMR, ACNR, AWNR, and AUTO UIC multi-car recognition modules with state-of-the-art image processing, computer vision, neural network, and machine learning algorithms. These benefits let our system has excellent performance for multiple applications.

Parking Guidance solutions
Open, scalable, and flexible parking guidance solutions that seamlessly integrate with surveillance and public address systems. i-View let your parking more Simpler, Smarter, and Safer.

IP Audio solutions
Complete, high-quality audio solutions to improve security, make live or scheduled announcements, or create ambiance with great-sounding background music and integrate with IVA surveillance to make a “Stop Possible Crime” environment.

Planning, Training, and support
An extensive range of academy training, technical support, and tools help customers to get the most out of their investment and work successfully with i-View solutions.

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