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ParkHelper® Parking Management Server (Roadside)

ParkHelper® Enterprise Parking Management Server provides increased performance with a powerful CPU to fast process data. The embedded operating system stores on a Solid-State Drive (SSD) to start up fast, the Raid 1 redundancy operating system structure will auto backup in O.S. failure. The server features a powerful data storage capacity that comes with a selection of 4 Hot-swap removable rack bays that can store up to 40 Terabytes of recorded data and support Raid 0/1/5/6/10/50 and Hot spare HDD capability. The ParkHelper Server supports ALPR, reliability data storage, parking indicator, autopay, and management convenience. Also, the ParkHelper server can record 512 Parking cameras simultaneously to provide a safe parking environment for your clients. The ParkHelper Parking Management Server is flexible to scale up parking lots works with ParkBack® Failover Server and ParkDB® Database Platform to suit your needs now and in the future. The turnkey-based solutions with Industrial redundant and reliable design suit large-scale parking lot projects, including Roadside, Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Railway stations, Factories, Campuses, Banks, etc. filed.

Reserved Parking Space
Instantly control and optimum to arrange the VIP parking space, eliminating the problem of VIP parking space be occupied by others.

Long Time Parked Car
Automatically discover vehicles that have been parked for a long time and never moved.

Alarm Notify
The Park Cameras are verified regularly by software algorithms, the ParkGuide® system will provide owners/managers with an alert if a camera goes out of service.

Intuitive Statistical Report
Provide parking statistics, hotspot, and traffic flow analysis outcome.

Find Your Car
Key in your car plate number the ParkGuide® system will display your parking location automatically. With the fuzzy comparison still can display the possible parking position for you, even though the entered number is incomplete. Forgetting parking place is no longer an annoying problem.

Stop employee theft
Managed parking lots by the human can easily cause huge losses due to employees stealing or using fake card customers.

Secure Your Car
Fully protect your car by video during the parking period to avoid unknown damage.

Save Parking Time
Average to save over 80% parking time of customers at the during the period of parking lots almost full.

System Reliability Analysis
The ParkGuide® system continues to dialogue between the parking camera and server. Using the collected data from the verification process to analytic and regularly provides the facility manager with a detailed report – proving the reliability of the system in a tangible way.

Since each camera has an embedded license palate recognition processor, the core server does not have to carry the entire load. This creates the capacity for more functionality and future expansion since intelligent processing power is spread across the entire system.

Car & Person Safety
Integrate with IP surveillance and the emergency call system completely protects the safety of the parking area.

Instant Notify
Integrated with the Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and Public Address (PA) system to alarm broadcasting automatically when the vehicles illegal parking.

Parking Experience
Eliminate the stress of parking and provide its customers with world-class parking experience to leave the wonderful impression.

SDK Integrated
Provide SDK for the third party to integrate customized payment system.






Built-in Embedded Windows O.S. on SSD. Raid 1 Dual Embedded O.S. ensures auto take over when there is SSD defected. (Option)


4 HDDs up to 40TB; (4x10TB) capacity. Hot-Swap Bays (Option)

RAID Level

Hardware Raid card, support RAID 0, 1, 5 function. (Option)


Gigabyte Port x4

Gigabyte Port x2

Gigabyte Port x2

Didplay Port

3 displays (DVI, HDMI, Display port) up to 4K resolution.

Cooling Fan

8cm fan x3; built in temperature controller to control fan speed

I/O Port

USB x 4, Audio in/out (jack)


Built in Hardware Watchdog and Software Watchdog timer.

Power Supply

500W | 100‐240VAC (47‐63 Hz)


88(H) x483(W)x 660(L) mm

Net Weight

12Kg (Without HDD)


2U Rackmount Chassis


Operation: Temperature 0°C ~ 50°C; Humidity 10% ~ 90%(N/An-condensing)
Storage: Temperature -40°C ~ 70°C; Humidity 5% ~ 95%(N/An-condensing)



Parking Space & LPR Management

3072 Parking Space & 240 fps license plate number recognition speed

1536 Parking Space & 180 fps license plate number recognition speedl

768 Parking Space & 120 fps license plate number recognition speed

Health Monitoring

Online monitor the server health, event alert, network connection, and devices status.


Empty parking sppaces and direction. display, Camera configuration, Map.

Arrive/Leave parking space

Auto takes snapshots and recognizes the license plate when the car arrives and leaves the parking spot.

Display parking space

Display the available parking space count and list the actual parking cars, then show on the road display via 4G wireless transmission for drivers parking indication.

Quick Search

Search the view log by location, license plate number, time periods.


User groups with predefined permissions and view logd records.


Generate an intuitive statistical report of parked spaces, hotspots, and traffic flow analysis.


Recording the real-time Video/Image into the hard disk (Option)


Simultaneously display the real-time status of the parking space, parking space map, and live video.

Support Car Plate

The applied ALPR engine is proven worldwide in 120+ countries.


Support English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese language software versions.

Order Information

AnyNet-xxxyy(L) Lite: xx: Camera channel | yy: HDD number | (L): LPR speed (Lx30) | Lite: None Raid and Hot-Swap function.
Example: AnyNet-12804(4): 128 Ch Parking cameras | Hot-Swap HDD x 4 | 120 fps license plate number recognition speed | Raid 5/6 HDD storage

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
DescriptionVersionReleased DateSizeDownloadNote


ParkerHelper® Parking Management Server datasheetV2.12023/04/190.93M
ParkDB® Database ServerV2.12023/04/190.77M
ParkBack® Failover ServerV2.12023/04/190.89M
ParkerCam® Parking space detection camera datasheetV2.12023/04/130.75M
ParkSen® Ultrasonic DetectorV2.12023/04/181.51
ParkSen® Zone ControllerV2.12023/04/180.74M
AutoPay® Automatic Payment KioskV2.12024/02/150.56M
CarFinder® Find My Car Kiosk datasheetV2.12023/04/180.41M
ParkGate® Parking Barrier GatesV2.12024/02/050.31M
ParkGate® Mini Parking Barrier GatesV2.12024/04/020.28M
ParkDis® Parking Space Guidance Display datasheet_IndoorV2.12023/04/181.01M
ParkDis® Parking Space Guidance Display datasheet_OutdoorV2.12023/04/181.24M
GoRad® Radar DetectorV2.12023/04/180.91M
GoSmart® Outdoor Integrated CabinetV2.12023/05/291M
UHF ReaderV2.12023/04/180.68M
NetCom I/O ControllerV2.12023/04/191.99M
AnyCam® ALPR IR Network CameraV2.12023/04/122.51M
ParkerGuide® Parking Guidance System PresentationV1.02022/07/01 10.5M


ParkHelper® Parking Space Management Server operation manualV1.12019/08/205.8M
CarFinder® Find My Car Server operation manualV1.12019/08/203.9M


Parking Management SoftwareV1.22020/09/17260M
Parking Location Finding SoftwareV1.32019/08/0236.8M

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