What is AnyNet® Failover Server?

FFailover (failure recover) function is a backup mode that provides uninterrupted service by having the secondary system fill in for the primary approach if the primary system is interrupted due to malfunctioning or regular maintenance. A failover NVR system consists of 3 parts: a primary NVR mainly used, a secondary Stand-by failover server, and a Hypervisor service. We take NVR server downtime and bandwidth problems seriously. With our proprietary and patented technology, the i-View failover function relieves concerns regarding data loss in case of failures. It strengthens the reliability of the recorded data and won’t take up bandwidth. Based on a particular Hypervisor® program that continuously monitors the health of all NVRs in the system, the i-View failover system will let the Stand-by failover server automatically take over all functions from the off-line or malfunctioning NVR. No matter what happens to the hardware and network, you have live video on your screen and recorded video in the storage.

Why AnyNet® Failover Server?
Do you worry about problems such as the NVR abnormal shutdown and data loss? No recordings for critical episodes? The AnyNet FOS failover system with N+F capabilities takes your security system to the next level of stability, continuity, and performance.
AnyNet Failover Server is a video backup server with N+F failover configuring and up to 128 cameras from AnyNet NVR when any of the following conditions occur:
(1) When the AnyNet NVR Server stops running.
(2) When there is an error in the hard drive.

What is N+F Failover?
The failover configuration marks the number of primary NVR that can back up and the number of the available secondary Stand-by failover server. i-View supports the N+F failover system, and it means that there are no restrictions on the number of NVR and Stand-by failover servers. e.g., The failover setup as 20+2 (N+F), two pcs secondary failover server can serve as the backup for up to 20 pcs primary NVR.

How AnyNet® Failover Server Works?

Supports N+F failover configuration, it means that there are no restrictions on the number of NVR and Stand-by failover server.
How does the AnyNet Failover system work?

  • Supports N+F failover configuration, which means there are no restrictions on the number of NVR and Stand-by failover servers. How does the AnyNet Failover system work?
  • The standby failover server automatically takes over all functions from the failed NVR.
  • Video transmission to the operator’s screen and video footage recording resumes immediately.
  • The N + F failover configuration allows the same number of NVR failures as the Failover server at the same time.
  • When the connection to the primary NVR resumes, the Failover server stops backup and enters standby mode.

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