What is AnyNet® NVR ?

AnyNet Enterprise Embedded NVR series provides increased performance and contains a powerful CPU to allow for fast processing of data. The operating system is stored on a Solid-State Drive (SSD) meaning system start-up is fast, and the operating system is safeguarded in the event of failure and feature a powerful data storage capacity comes with a selection of 24 Hot-swap removable rack bays can store up to 240 Terabytes recorded data and support Raid 0/1/5/6/10/50 and Hot spare HDD capability. The AnyNet NVR series make data storage stability and management more convenient. Also, the AnyNet NVR can display and record up to 128 IP cameras simultaneously with the third-party devices which support RTSP compliant. The AnyNet video surveillance system is flexible to scale up projects with NVR Platform and CMS Platform to suit your needs now and futures, the turnkey based solutions with Industrial redundant and reliability design, suit for large-scale projects, including City surveillance, Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Railway station, Factories, Campuses, Banks, etc.


i-View AnyNet NVR series is built with server-grade components that provide redundancy on all critical components:

Redundancy Storage*
Protecting recorded data with Raid storage redundancy, allowing record video and rebuild HDD simultaneously.

Dual Power Supply*
Hot-swappable dual power supply for power redundancy for reliability.

Dual LAN Card
Duplicated NIC cards with 2 x 1 Gigabit/s speed for fully duplicated network connectivity.

Full HD Monitors*
Up to 3 monitors for live view, playback, event, and eMap simultaneously.

Hot Swappable Drives*
24 Hot-swap replaceable a new one HDD easily when a driver needs to be replaced, while the system is still running.

Industrial Standard*
19” Rack mount industrial standard, with the rail kits for easy out-of-the-box installation.


Backup O.S.*
Embedded OS and NVR software install on the SSD with redundancy RAID 1 to ensure auto take over when there is SSD defected.

Embedded OS
Embedded operation system prevents the system crash and virus problem.

Predict HDD failure and to send the user a warning message with 2 levels via email, SMS, phone call and execute the program.

Watchdog Timer
Built-in hardware and software Watchdog timer, the system will auto reboot when crashed.


128 Live Views
Using GPU accelerated processing for the unparalleled video display capacity to support 128 cameras live view simultaneously.

Control OSD
Display and manage the camera’s OSD for easy identification.

Customizable Layouts
Drag and drop multiple cameras with customizable layouts, live and playback video viewing onto the same screen simultaneously.

Health Monitoring
Online monitor the NVR system health, event alert, network connection and devices status.

Virtual Video
Duplicate virtual video for specified cameras and assigns to display on spot monitors.

NTP Server
Built-in an NTP Server function for time synchronization with IP camera.

2-Way Audio
Support 2-Way audio, schedule broadcast on specific zones and remote listen audio individually.


Smart Recording
Hybrid recording keeps 24 hours recording besides save 75% HDD space.

Recording Mode
Support flexible recording such as Alarm trigger/ IVA/ Continuous/ Schedule modes.

Seamless Recording
Auto downloads video files from SD card of the camera and merge into the existing Database.


Full Function Playback
Support slider bar, forward/ backward, fast /slow/frame-by-frame playback, digital zoom, export video and BMP/JPEG/PNG/PDF frame file.

Multi-video Playback
Synchronous playback 16ch cameras video or 8 video files from a single camera.

Smart Search
Search the specific regions of clips that video is retrieved and show exactly when the object appeared/disappeared.

Multiple Search
Search video clips by Timeline, camera, event, log file, and thumbnail search.

Mobile APP
AnyViewer is created to enhance security by monitor live video, playback recorded video and event push alarm work on any Android/iOS devices.

Backup Video

Video Backup
Allow setup manual/schedule auto back up onto storage devices.

AVI Format
Export AVI format files from time merge different clips directly no need to convert, playback on Media Player.

Enhanced Export
Allow adding a timestamp, custom text, or watermark when export video files.


In-Camera Analytics
Integrate In-Camera Analytics from IVA camera to create event trigger rules and parameters directly.

Live applied intelligence let your surveillance smart, simple, efficiency, also provide valuable statistical data for business application.

Face Recognition
Integrate In-Camera face recognition instantly know when criminals, persons of interest and other threats encroach upon public or private spaces.

Fully integrated the License plate recognition with Blacklist, VIP, alarms, statistical graphs, and multiple notifications function.

Public Address
Let audio powerful and smarter, instantly broadcast events triggered by intelligent video analysis or sensors to prevent the possible crime.

Parking Guidance
Integrate parking guidance to let your parking simpler, smarter and Safer with i-View surveillance system.

Auto shutdown NVR program when UPS power less than specify volume and autorun when UPS power restore.


Idle Protection
Auto logout after no one interaction is involved for a time period.

Unlimited users with their own individual passwords and privilege.

Specify remote access time period, user number, bandwidth, IP address filters for remote access.


E-map Structure
Support Hierarchical emap, the map of the triggered device will automatically pop-up to the first layer.

Build Up Emap
Users can expand multi-layer maps in different perspectives and drag & drop device icon to deploy cameras on the maps for an NVR graphical overview.

Quick Indication
Dynamic E-Map on live view monitoring as quick navigation can indicate the physical location of cameras, as well as flashing the icon when the event is triggered.

Alarm Notify

Alarm Trigger
Alarm trigger via IVA/Alarm/Access Control trigger, face/LPR recognition, HDD/SD/Network failed, Video loss, operation.

Alarm Notification
Auto sound alarm, flash eMap icon, pop-up video, send push alarm/e-mail/FTP/phone call/SMS/alarm trigger when the event is received.

Event Search
Search event via time, camera and event types (IVA/Alarm/Access Control trigger, face/LPR recognition, HDD/SD/Network failed, Video loss, operation) from view log.

Pop Up Filter
Display split or full video when cameras are triggered and hide the pop-up message after a specified period.

Process Record
Allow user entry detail processing of each alarm to keep into a record for later review.

Export event log Database via generator .txt or .xls format.

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