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ParkBack® Parking Management Failover Server

ParkBack® Parking Management Failover Server is a function of failover (failure recovery), mainly used to backup running when the Parking Management Server is interrupted due to failure or regular maintenance, to provide uninterrupted parking lot operation.

What is ParkBack® Parking Management Failover Server?
ParkBack® Parking Management Failover Server is a function of failover (failure recovery) to provide an uninterrupted parking lot operation to solve the problem if the Parking Management Server is interrupted due to failure or regular maintenance.
We take server downtime problems seriously because they cause leave parking lot of customer issues. It is more likely to cause the loss of customers. With our proprietary and patented technology, the i-View failover function relieves concerns regarding stops running and data loss in case of failures. It strengthens the reliability of the parking lot operation. Based on a particular Hypervisor® program that continuously monitors the health of the parking management server in the system, the i-View failover system will let the Stand-by failover server automatically take over all functions from the off-line or malfunctioning parking management server. No matter what happens to the hardware and network issues.

Why do you need a ParkBack® Failover Server?
Are you worried that the parking lot will stop operating due to the failure of the parking management server, the customer cannot leave the parking lot immediately, or the loss of money due to the operation shutdown? Maintaining the regular operation of the parking lot is an essential factor of a successful parking lot; a parking lot that cannot provide parking functions is unacceptable. In addition to losing money, it is more likely to cause strong customer complaints. We take the problem of parking management server downtime seriously; when the parking management server paralyzes, it is like a brain shutdown, and the entire parking lot stops operation. Using our unique and reliable failover technology, which perfectly performs the backup task and gives your parking lot operation higher stability, continuity, and reliability, the more important thing is to keep the parking lot running 24/7.

How does a ParkBack® Failover Server work?

The ParkBack® Failover Server will automatically take over when any of the following happens to the parking management server:

(1) When the parking management server crashes.

(2) When all the hard disks of the parking management server have errors.

① The Failover Server automatically takes over quickly and simultaneously downloads the latest data from the database server.

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② The Failover Server will automatically take over quickly, and the parking management system can continue to operate seamlessly.

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③ When the database server is damaged and the parking data cannot obtain, the Auto Payment Kiosk will automatically read the relevant data from the parking management server. This backup mechanism ensures that the parking payment process for consumers can proceed smoothly.

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④ When the failed parking management server’s function and connection be restored, the backup host will stop the backup operation and enter standby mode.

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PlatformEmbedded Windows O.S. on SSD. Supports Raid 1 Dual Embedded O.S. ensures auto take over when the SSD has defected. (Option)
Storage4 HDDs up to 40TB; (4x10TB) capacity | Hot-Swap Bays & Hardware Raid card supports RAID 0, 1, 5 functions. (Option)
System ControlBuilt-in Hardware & Software Watchdog timer support auto-reboot and auto-recovery. Temperature controller and cooling fans x3 keep inside temperature stable.
I/O Port3 displays (DVI, HDMI, Display port) up to 4K resolution | USB x4 | Audio in/out (jack)
Network10/100/1000Mbps LAN x2 | x4 (Base Model Number)
Dimension /Weight88(H) x483(W)x 660(L) mm 2U Rackmount Chassis | 12Kg (Without HDD)
Connected Devices1~16 LPR cameras | 1~16 UHF readers | 8~1024 Parking cameras | 32~5120 Ultrasonic detectors (optional)
Setup ListAllow the blocklist/VIP/allowlist/reserved list batches setup. Automatically matching the ETC number with the existing license plate.
LPR ParametersTo allow the setup of the detection area, direction, pixel, threshold, characters number, and other LPR parameters.
Event LogThe event data includes the vehicles of entry and exit time, license plate number, photos, videos, passing status, and healthy devices.
Parking InformationTo show the license plate number, each area, each floor, total empty parking spaces, and parking guidance information on the display in real-time.
Empty Parking SpaceSupports counting of empty parking spaces and schedules to auto-correct automatically.
Event SearchEvents can search according to parameters such as name, license plate, location, period, Etag, passing status, etc. Click on the event list to play the video directly.
Gate ControlThe gate automatically opens when the recognition results match the list while supporting remote opening and closing of the gate manually.
Automatic TakeoverSupport the failover function; when the server is damaged, the failover server can start the takeover automatically. (optional)
Time SynchronizationTime Synchronization with the NTP server automatically.
Permission SetupSet up multiple users with individual authority right, and the number of authorized users is unlimited.
HDD failure warningSupport hard disk S.M.A.R.T. function. There are two warning levels, and the alarm will notify by email directly.
ServerPre-installed Operation System and Parking Guidance Management software, and a USB Dongle protector is attached.
System IntegrationCan integrate the third-party software with our API and SDK easily.
Character Pixel & AngleLicense plate (Horizontal width) > 80 pixels | Vertical max. 30° | Horizontal: max. 30° | The maximum bevel angle of the lower edge of the license plate frame relative to the road is 10°.
Order InformationAnyNet-xxyy(L)(U)(S) FOS: xx: Camera no | yy: HDD no | (L): LPR no | (U): UHF Reader no | (S): Ultronic detector no | Space: Raid
Example, AnyNet-12804(2)(2):2Ch LPR+126Ch Parking cameras | Hot-Swap HDD x4 | 2Ch UHF Reader | Raid 5/6 HDD storage.
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
DescriptionVersionReleased DateSizeDownloadNote


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UHF ReaderV2.12023/04/180.68M
NetCom I/O ControllerV2.12023/04/191.99M
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CarFinder® Find My Car Server operation manualV1.12019/08/203.9M


Parking Management SoftwareV1.22020/09/17260M
Parking Location Finding SoftwareV1.32019/08/0236.8M

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