What are i-View Video Surveillance Solutions?

Continues to drive the new technologies in the video surveillance market and helps organizations protect and secure their people, assets, facilities, and peace of mind is our aim. From scalable HD video monitoring and recording to integrate with NVR, CMS, FoS (Failover Server), IP Cameras, IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) Server, ALPR (Auto License Plate Recognition), Face Recognition, Network Audio System, and Parking Guidance System. i-View unveils new technology at an unrivaled stable to provide organizations of all sizes with the ability to deploy surveillance systems that can scale and adapt to your unique security needs as your environment evolves.

Why i-View Video Surveillance Solutions?

Choose a Security System for Now and Future
You are looking at your immediate security concern and considering what you can achieve as your security needs evolve. i-View’s NVR and CMS platform readiness to support the computational needs of HD, 4K resolution video streaming, new video technology, and adaptability to complex network topologies and unique storage solutions.

Multiple Security Solutions to Match Your Need
i-View’s scalable Video Surveillance to unification with NVR, CMS, FoS (Failover Server), IP Cameras, IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) Server, ALPR (Auto License Plate Recognition) engine, Face Recognition engine, Network Audio System, and Parking Guidance, etc. The flexible and open architecture ensures you can adapt to your evolving security demands.

Video Recording System You Can Rely On
Count on the availability of live and recorded video whenever your team needs it, and experience uninterrupted access to your video even if the NVR server fails or the unknown is lost. With built-in redundancy N: N failover capabilities and health monitoring mechanisms, the AnyNet® NVR and AnyCam® IP Cameras protect your recordings from network failure and physical damage while giving you real-time notifications on system health and uptime. The recording system provides benefits below.

  • Reliable Video Management mechanism.
  • Failover and Redundancy when NVR failed.
  • Auto Recording into SD card of the camera when Network failed.

Optimize Video Streaming On Network
Optimize your bandwidth consumption and reduce costs with flexible streaming options designed with HD video in mind. AnyCam® IP camera H.265+ VBR encoder and ROI (Region of Interesting ) intelligent streaming calculates the most efficient video streaming and video quality base on environment sense change.

Think Better, Do Simpler
You can deploy cameras everywhere, but how to find helpful video information in time? An overload of cameras and devices In a complex world and the volume of structured events and alarms make it harder for you to know what is happening around you. Protecting people and assets is more complicated than ever. i-View’s Vidlytics® Video Analytics deliver insights you act on and eliminate the noise. You transform your video into intelligent, actionable information that helps you detect and understand emerging events – so you can make the right decision at the right time.

Deploy with ease
Work with i-View surveillance solutions you can reach:

  1. Upgrade your existing analog camera into a network connection without request the power cabling via ezLink® Ethernet Over 2-Wire Extender. Or plug in an IP camera within the AnyNet NVR unified platform.
  2. Vidlytics® Video Analytics does more than strengthen your physical security. They can use to improve your operational efficiency, as well as support business and traffic intelligence.
  3. With the multiple solutions embedded within the i-View surveillance unified platform, you enjoy simplified deployment, maintenance, minimizes operational training, and investing costs.

System Configuration

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