What Is NetAud® IP Audio System?
For traditional video recorders, it primarily records criminal activity as evidence. However, i-View’s NetAud® IP Audio System can provide the ability to prevent and record possible crimes before an event occurs. The ultimate goal of video surveillance is to prevent crime, not just record criminal activity. Based on this concept, we use intelligent video analytics to observe and filter for possible criminal behavior, automatically play pre-recorded warning voice messages or post announcements of each specific violation to reduce and prevent the possibility of crime. This innovative system will bring safer, faster and more complete protection to people and society.
NetAud® Intelligent IP audio systems not only prevent possible crime purpose but also provide a powerful public address, emergency calls, and integrated intelligent video surveillance systems. It has a schedule/Individual/group and background music playback function that can be integrated with the fire alarm system. It can also broadcast and monitor video over the Internet anytime, anywhere. The ability of remote visual broadcasts provides a wide range of applications for different environments.

Why Needs NetAud® IP Audio System?

NetAud® IP Audio System offers complete, high-quality network audio systems that are perfect for security, background music and announcements in stores and other settings.

Prevent Possible Crime
Instantly broadcast events triggered by intelligent video analysis or sensors to prevent the possible crime.

Easy To Integrate
Integrate IP audio system with other systems and devices such as your existing PA system, and IP cameras.

Long Distance
The transmission distances between the speaker and amplify reached up to 2Km (6,600 Feet).

Upgrade to IP
Retrofit existing Public Address installations into IP, delivering full network connectivity and standardized without re-cabling and replace the speaker.

All in One
Get a single, cost-effective integrated system for Security, Announcements, Emergency Call and Background Music with everything you need to be built right in.

Easy To Scale
Both easy and cost-effective to update your existing system and add units as your needs change, regardless of whether you want to increase the size or add sites.

Central & Remote Control
Take control of the entire system, including IP speakers, IP Audio Amplify and Speaker of IP camera, from a single point via a single, intuitive interface.

Quick Adjustment
Broadcast different content in different zones via schedule and manual. And easily change from any time anywhere, as needed.

Flexible Configuration
Provide Star and Daisy Chain system structure for saving maintain and installation cost

Multi privilege levels protection and record all operation on the view log file.

What NetAud® IP Audio System Can Do?

NetAud® IP Audio System combines the audio function of IP camera, IP speaker, IP audio amplify and Emergency call, with variability combination to let you can use in the various application. All while enjoying the many benefits of our IP audio system.

Improve security on your premises with IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis) event-triggered announcements and direct callouts to prevent possible crime.

Public address
Make live or scheduled announcements in different zones, at the right time and right place from anytime and anywhere.

Background music
Create ambiance with easy and flexible scheduling of great-sounding background music, how and where you want to.

Application Diagram
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Illegal Invasion – School


Violative Parking

Loitering Detection

Exhibits Protection

Tripwire – Train Station

Internet Broadcasting

Fire Alarm System Integration

Tamper Camera Viewing in Purpose

Information Broadcasting

Background Music

NetAud® IP Audio Product Categories

IP Audio Amplifier / Audio Amplifier (USB)

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Audio Manager Server

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Emergency Call Box

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System Configuration

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