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ParkCam® Parking Space Detection Camera

The ParkCam® Parking space detection camera combines video license plate recognition, parking status indicator LED, snapshot function, while communicating with the ParkHelper® Parking Space Management Server in real-time to provide parking the optimum parking space guidance solutions.

Monitoring Parking Space
Identifies vehicles and monitors occupancy in every parking space.

No License Plate Car
Auto pop-up alarm message when there is no license plate car parking.

Across Parking Space
Auto pop-up alarm message when the car across the parking space.

6 Parking Space detection
One Park camera can cover 6 parking spaces for car license plate recognition.

Bypass the failed devices to keep the system well working when using the Daisy-chained configuration.

≥99% Accuracy
i-View’s parking guidance system is based on advanced video algorithms with over 99% accuracy of parking space detection.

0% None-lost Parking Status
The cameras will continue to detect occupancy/vacancy and update its LED light ring, even if a network or server interruption should occur.

Quick Installation
Parking camera supports daisy-chained configuration and wide operation voltage (DC6V~26V), using a single UTP cable and power cable for 18 cameras installation up to 150 meters transmission distance.

7 Colors LED selectable
The LED indicator shows 7-colors depending on the status of the parking site. The user can customize the color matching relationship between the event and the indicator. E.g:
Green Color→ Parking space available
Red light → Parking space is occupied
Blue light→ VIP parking space
White light → Handicapped parking space

Adjust View Angle Remotely
Built-in tilt motor for optimum view angle of camera adjustment remotely, no need the installation site visiting.

ModelPC-3MIP-F03 | PC-6MIP-F03 Parking Space Detection Camera
PlatformHigh performance DSP; 512MB Flash; 1024MB DDR II RAM and Linux O.S. Image Sensor.
Image Sensor1/2.8” 3MP Sony progressive scan CMOS sensor.
IlluminationColor: 0.02 Lux/F1.2; B/W: 0.008 Lux/F1.2
Parking Spaces DetectionPC-3MIP-F03: 3 Parking Spaces Detection
PC-6MIP-F03: 6 (3x2) Parking Spaces Detection
Lens2.8mm/4mm F1.2 | View angle: 86°/65.3°(2.8mm); 73.6°/54.4°(4mm)
ShutterAuto / Fixed:1/1 ~1/1,000s
CompressH.265/H.264 /MJPEG compression
Frame Rate1~25 fps adjustable
Bit Rate512K–5M Bits/sec; adjustable quality and Bitrate.
ResolutionMain: 1280x720、1920x1080、2304x1296 | Sub: 720*576,640x360
LEDCustomize LED light colors for the status of parking space. White. Green, Red, Blue 7-colors selectable.
ProtocolIPv4, DNS, DDNS, DHCP, PPPoP, HTTP, RTSP, UDP, TCP, SSH, QoS, UPnP, SMTP, CGI, Multicast.
CommunicationRJ-45 x2 (100 BASE-TX), Support Daisy-chained system configuration and Bypass function
Display ControlRS-485 control LED Display for parking space and direction information
TimerManual Time Setting; Time Server, NTP support, DST offset and Real Time Clock.
Size / Weight129mm (W) x 129mm (L) x 122mm (H) | 0.55Kg
Power ConsumptionMaximum 3W (PC-3MIP-F03) | PC-6MIP-F03 (5W), Support wide power range DC 10V~26V input
TemperatureOperation: -20°C ~ 60°C; Humidity 20% ~ 80% RH
CertificatedCE, FCC, RoHS
Detection3 Parking space detection simultaneously per Lens; Across the parking space detection; No license plate car detection
Response timeDetection time ≤ 200ms
Alarm NotifyAuto pop-up alarm message when the car across the parking space or no license plate car parking
Accuracy≥ 99.8% Parking space detection accuracy
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
DescriptionVersionReleased DateSizeDownloadNote


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