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ParkCam® Parking Space Detection Camera

Our parking guidance system is designed to make customer parking easier while optimizing the utilization of business parking space. The ParkCam® camera is a critical component that integrates video license plate recognition, parking status indicator LED, and snapshot function. It communicates with the ParkHelper® Parking Space Management Server in real time to provide accurate information.

Secure your car
Protect Your Car by video during the parking period to avoid unknown damage.

No License Plate Car
Auto pop-up alarm message when detecting car parking on the no license plate.

Long-time parked car
Automatically discover vehicles parked for a long time and never moved.

6-Parking spaces detection
One ParkCam camera can cover up to 6 parking spaces to detect parking status and snapshots.

Bypass when defected
Bypass the failed devices to keep the system working well when using the Daisy-chained configuration.

≥99% Accuracy
I-View’s parking guidance system is based on advanced video algorithms with 99% accuracy in parking space detection.

Reserved parking space
The cameras will continue to detect and update the LED indicator even if a network or server interruption should occur.

Save parking time
Customers can save over 80% of their parking time during peak parking times.

0% None-lost parking status
Instantly control and optimize the arrangement of the VIP and EV parking space, eliminating the space occupied by others.

Quick installation
Supports a daisy-chained configuration and wide operating voltage (DC10V~26V), using a single UTP cable and power cable for ten camera installations up to 100 meters transmission distance.

7-Colors LED
The LED indicator shows seven colors depending on the status of the parking site. The user can
customize the color-matching relationship between the event and the parking space. E.g.:
Green Color→ Parking space available
Red light → Parking space occupied
Blue light→ VIP parking space
White light → Handicapped parking space

Adjust the view angle remotely
The built-in tilt motor adjusts the camera’s optimum view angle remotely without needing on-site visits.space occupied by others.

ModelPC-3MIP-F03 | PC-6MIP-F036-Parking Space|7 Colors |Tilt Control| Daisy-Chained|Bypass|99% Accuracy|Wide Voltage
PlatformMstar DSP chipset; 512MB Flash; 1024MB DDR RAM and Linux 2.6 Embedded O.S.
Image Device3 MP Sony progressive scan CMOS sensor.
SecurityUser name / Password Protection.
CertificatedCE, FCC, RoHS, IP55
TimeManual Time Setting; NTP Server support, DST Bias, and Real Time Clock.
Event ManagmentThe camera will automatically transmit the parking space status to the HTTP server when a parking space change is detected.
UpdateOnline Firmware update.
Video Setting
CompressH.265/H.264/MJPEG, CBR/VBR mode, Frame, Bit Rate, and Quality adjustable. Bit Rate 512K~5M Bits/sec.
ResolutionMain stream: 2304x1296, 1280x720, 1920x1080、Sub stream: 720*576, 640x360
Frame Rate1-25fps @ all resolution and compression.
WDR≥ 100 dB; DWDR / OFF Mode.
S/N RatioMore than 50dB
ControlBrightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, AWB, AGC, WDR,3D Noise reduction, exposure, HLC, BLC, Automatic/Manual Shutter, LED indicator, HLC, Flicker-less, Time/Text display.
ShutterAutomatic/Manual (1/1~1/1,000/s)
Parking status LED indicatorSupport 7 colors indicator. Allow defining the LED color to match the parking events.
IlluminationColor: 0.01Lux/F1.2
I/O PortRJ45 x 2, DC power jack, RS-485
OSDTime/Text stamp display, position adjustable.
Lensf= 2.8mm (H: 86°|V:65.3°) /F1.2
f= 4mm(H:73°|V:54.4°)/F1.2 (Optional)
Interface10BASE-T/100 BASE-Tx RJ-45 x2 , RS-485
ConnectionSupport Daisy Chain and Star system structure.
Parking Space IndicatorThe number of free parking spaces and directions can be shown on the LED display via the RS-485 port.
Distanceusing a single UTP cable and power cable for 12 cameras installation up to 100 meters transmission distance.
CompatibleOnvif Profile S, RTSP compliant
Intelligent Detection
Detect Parking SpaceReal-time Parking Space detection algorithm, up to 99% accuracy.
Identify TimeParking status identify less tan 200ms.
Change LED StartsFrom Free to Full parking space status: 1 second.
From Full to Free parking space status: 3 seconds.
Detect SpaceDetect 1/2/3/4/5/6 parking spaces simultaneously
MotorBuilt-in tilt motor allows adjusting view angle remotely.
Dimensions129mm (W) x 129mm (L) x 122mm (H) | 0.55Kg
PowerMaximum 3W(PC-3MIP) | 5W(PC-6MIP) ; DC10V~26V power input
Temperature-20°C ~ 60°C; Humidity 20% ~ 80% RH
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
DescriptionVersionReleased DateSizeDownloadNote


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