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ParkGate® Gate Barrier
The ParkGate® gate barrier can be connected to the license plate recognition, Etag reader, card reader, remote control, ticket dispenser, ticket collector, and other equipment. It is mainly installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot to control the passage of vehicles to achieve the purpose of automatic management and control. The ParkGate® gate barrier adopts a DC inverter motor with an intelligent controller, accurately and smoothly controlling the lifting rod, safety protection mechanism, and reducing power consumption, which achieves high safety, strong stability, good durability, environmental protection, etc., benefits.

Built-in intelligent controller and DC inverter motor support ECO and DC low voltage operation mode, and the power consumption are minor than 2W in the standby state.

Raise and fall rod speed adjustable
The multi-stage design adjusts the rising and falling rod speed, making the operation state linear and stable.

Quietly Running
DC inverter motor offers lower than 5dB noise during operation while with the advantages of stable performance and durable use.

Multiple Protections
The control board conforms to the IATF16949 industrial standard design, and it offers overcurrent, reverse connection, short circuit, and overload protection.

Powerful Function
Support user-defined with adjustable rising and falling rod speed and position, auto-falling rod time after triggering, delayed falling rod time after the vehicle passed, automatic rebound when encountering obstacles, and self-detection functions.

Intuitive Interface
Intuitively indicator lights can grasp the operating status of the gate barrier clearly.

ModelGate Barrier
Power SupplyAC100V~240 V 輸入 | DC 24V/5A 功耗
啟降閘欄速度0.5~6 秒(可調)
桿長1~5 公尺( 可選直桿,或折臂桿)
遙控距離支援外接遙控器,距離可達20 公尺 ( 選配)
遇阻返彈裝置當落桿時碰到阻礙時會自動反彈,避免砸到車輛造成受損。( 選配)
使用環境防水防鏽機殼適用於室內/ 室外環境
Chassis箱體外殼2.0mm 厚度& 0.15mm 表面粉體塗裝
Dimensions350 x270 x1020 mm
Net Weight28 kg
Environment-30~70 度 | 相對溼度80%
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
DescriptionVersionReleased DateSizeDownloadNote


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