Why Need A Parking Guidance System (PGS)?

The Parking Guidance System (PGS) is becoming increasingly essential due to the rising number of vehicles, which has led to a surge in demand for parking spaces. This demand is particularly evident in department stores, hypermarkets, exhibition venues, industrial areas, stations, airports, etc. Finding parking in these locations, especially during peak hours, can be challenging. Additionally, underground parking lots often have similar layouts, making it easy for drivers to get lost and forget where they parked. The PGS addresses these challenges by efficiently guiding drivers to available parking spaces upon entry and providing a convenient way to locate their vehicle by entering their license plate number into a Find My Car kiosk. The PGS saves drivers time and increases parking spaces’ overall efficiency and turnover rate, benefitting both drivers and parking facility operators.

From ParkGuide® Smart Parking Guidance System(PGS)

ParkGuide® is a parking guidance system with dual detection of parking spaces, combining image and ultrasonic detection, which are currently the mainstream methods for detecting parking spaces. It uses license plate recognition to verify parked vehicles, preventing specific spaces (such as charging spots) from being intentionally occupied. When the parking lot is designed for energy conservation and cannot use image recognition due to insufficient lighting, it switches to ultrasonic detection to monitor parking space status, capturing the advantages of each method to achieve perfect parking space management.
ParkGuide® integrates license plate recognition, parking space detection, automatic payment, and space indication into a multifunctional parking management system, reducing the frustration of drivers searching for parking spaces while providing a high-quality, high-tech parking experience that enhances the safety of both vehicles and their owners. With its core value in business intelligence, the system automatically records and analyzes drivers’ parking behaviors, preferences, and usage patterns. It uses this information for targeted commercial promotions to improve operational efficiency, revenue, and return on investment, helping operators manage parking spaces more effectively. ParkGuide® Smart Parking Guidance System is widely used in various industries, including supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, train stations, large hospitals, casinos, sports arenas, colleges, open office buildings, exhibition halls, corporate parks, etc. It can also be provided to architects, engineering consulting firms, and parking system integrators as a design reference during planning.

Our Advantages

Dual-detection Of Parking Space ?
LPR/eTag Dual Recognition ?
Recognition Speed ?
Mobile Phone Query ?
Fuzzy Comparison ?
Find Your Car With Ease ?
Parking Period Limit ?
Reserved Parking Space ?
EV Charging Parking Space Management ?
Avoid Long-term Occupation Of Parking Spaces ?
Secure Your Car ?
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Penalties for Violating Vehicles ?
Information Announcement ?
Avoid Occupying Parking Spaces ?
Alarm Notify ?
Save Parking Time ?
Parking management ?
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Rental Parking Management ?
Multiple Payment Methods ?
Avoid Error Parking Space Message ?
Prevent An Inside Job?
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The Difference of ParkGuide® Parking Management System

ParkCount® Parking Counting System

Accurately calculate the number of vehicles entering and exiting based on advanced algorithms to show the result on the display of gate entrances. The system’s built-in automatic correction mechanism especially avoids incorrect parking vacancy information after a while. It also allows car owners to check the website on their mobile phones to get real-time parking space information to decide whether to enter the parking lot.

ParkBack® Parking Management Backup Host

The failover (failure recovery) function is a backup mode mainly used when the primary system is interrupted due to failure, regular maintenance, etc. The auxiliary backup system replaces the primary parking management system to provide uninterrupted parking services.

ParkDB® Parking Management Database Server

Managing multiple parking lots is a pain point for enterprises or chain parking lots. The inability to share independent operation data of parking lots makes information integration difficult and workforce waste. The ParkGuide® parking management system provides the option of a ParkDB® database server, which can synchronously store the name-listed and vehicle entry and exit data of each parking lot. Achieve the advantages of centralized management, localized processing, and data backup. Besides that, there are many notable features.

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Why ParkGuide® Parking Guidance System?

Besides Parking Guidance, It Gives You More
The continuously enhanced ParkGuide® parking guidance system can maximize the revenue of the parking lot, improve management efficiency and profitability, thereby simplifying management costs and improving operational efficiency. In addition, it provides image monitoring to enhance customer and vehicle safety. Overall effectively reduces visitor parking pressure and uncertainty to leave visitors with a fantastic parking experience from the moment they enter the facility. It also improves the traffic flow of the entire building and even the surrounding streets.

Total Parking Guidance Solution
The parking lot is essential for motorists, and a good parking experience is bound to leave a profound first impression on them. ParkGuide® parking guidance system provides complete and efficient parking assistance, significantly improving the smoothness of parking for drivers. From the moment drivers arrive until they finally leave the parking lot, the services provided by the parking guidance system will surely make them feel attentive. Let’s see how ParkGuide® PGS works…Detail
Improve management efficiency
In the parking lot equipped with ParkCam® parking space detection cameras, the system doesn’t only recognizes license plates and provides real-time parking reports but also proactively notifies the manager of overstays, overtime parking, and incorrect space occupancy. Additionally, operators can take advantage of dynamic multi-color display lights to optimize their parking space mix, making various parking spaces (such as handicap, parent and child parking spaces, and charging station spaces) flexible at different times of the day… Detail
Maximize Your Revenue
The parking information collected by ParkRate® parking management software, such as parking turnover rate, hot spot rate analysis, etc., allows you to make comprehensive data analysis and judgment, then assists in optimal management and business operations. For example, operators can flexibly adjust the parking lot rates during peak hours; or negotiate parking spaces for short/long-term rentals with nearby business establishments without parking lots, such as bars, restaurants, or small businesses. Through ParkRate® parking management software and intelligent ParkCam® parking space detection camera, you can maximize parking lot usage and profitability without the need to purchase additional expensive management systems…Detail
Not Parking Only, Also Surveillance
ParkGuide® integrates the parking guidance system and video recording function. In addition to providing parking guidance, it can also monitor and protect your car around the clock to avoid unknown damage during parking. Improve the safety of people and vehicles in the parking lot at a minimal cost…Detail

Environmental trends
One of the sources of pollution that affects air quality is the exhaust gas emitted during transportation. Suppose the parking guidance can reduce the extra detour of the car to find a parking space, thereby reducing unnecessary air pollution and energy consumption. In that case, it is also a valuable added value, especially for those green companies that want to obtain a higher green star rating even more so.

System Configuration

① Parking Camera

② Ultrasonic Detector

③ Dual Detection Method

System Cabling Structure

① Parking Camera

② Ultrasonic Detector

③ Dual Detection Method

How does the system work?

① Display available parking spaces
When the driver arrives, the number of available parking spaces is clearly and real-time displayed outside and at the parking lot entrance, assisting the driver in choosing a parking place or parking floor.

② Auto recognizes license plate at the entrance
The system will open the gate to allow the vehicle to enter the parking lot after the ALPR system recognizes the license plate (allowing comparison of black/white list). The driver can see the number and direction of available parking spaces at the entrance, turn, or intersection, which helps the driver determine the direction and floor to find the parking space quickly.

③ Vehicle entering gate
Two radar wave sensors are installed at the gates at the entrance and exit, and the length and width of the sensing area are set according to the width of the lane and the type of vehicles to be managed. Adopting the dual radar wave sensing method can avoid the misoperation caused by the environment; for example: pedestrians walk, the gate is opened and the vehicle does not enter but directly reverses and leaves. When the vehicle enters the gate, the radar wave trigger signal is transmitted to the fence machine and the parking management host synchronously to perform the functions of anti-smashing vehicles (people) and parking space counting. When the vehicle is triggered to the area set by the two radar wave sensors at the same time , the system will automatically deduct an empty parking space and display it on the empty parking space display immediately.

④ Detect and display parking space status
The ParkCam® parking space detection camera built-in bright/multi-color LED installs at the parking space for parking space indication. The LED color will assist the driver in finding the parking space quickly and transmitting the results to the ParkHelper® parking management server immediately.

⑤ Auto-pay system and assist find out the parking location
When drivers forget where the vehicle is parked, the CarFinder® Find My Car Kiosk will display the possible parking location quickly even though the entered number is incomplete.

⑥ Vehicle leaves the gate
When the vehicle leaves the gate, the radar wave trigger signal is transmitted to the fence machine and the parking management host synchronously to perform anti-smashing vehicle (person) and parking space counting functions. When the vehicle triggers to the area set by the two radar wave sensors at the same time , the system will automatically add an empty parking space and display it on the empty parking space display.


How does the Video-based Parking Guidance System (PGS) operate?
i-View’s ParkGuide® is a Video-Base parking guidance system (PGS), with outdoor parking space display, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), VIP parking reminder information, parking space, and direction indication, Autopay, and fast car finder system, as well as extend surveillance and security levels. It will provide the customer with an unparalleled end-to-end parking experience.

How does the parking guidance system (PGS) reserve parking spaces for VIP customers?
Department stores always think about retaining essential customers, and companies want to impress visiting customers; the first impression when customers visit is parking. So let them enjoin the unmatched sense of honor, and a high-tech parking experience will be the most direct way.
The parking guidance system allows you to reserve parking spaces for VIP customers. When the vehicle reaches the parking lot entrance, the system will automatically display personalized parking guidance information to help customers find the parking space quickly. It is a pleasant parking experience for guests who are the first-time visit!
Worth saying, when the reserved parking space is occupied by other vehicles mistakenly, the system will play a warning broadcast to this driver while notifying the manager at the same time.

ParkGuide® parking guidance system (PGS) saves customer’s parking time while reducing exhaust emissions.
i-View’s ParkGuide® parking guidance system can save your parking time while reducing exhaust emissions to maintain the air quality of the parking lot.

EV charging parking space management
The facing problems of EV charging parking space are nonelectric vehicle parking, long time parking, parked but not charging. Using i-View’s ParkGuid® parking space management system can solve these problems quickly.

Smart parking management-visitor parking space reservation and automatic parking guidance system
I-View’s intelligent parking system helps companies and government agencies manage visitors’ reserved parking spaces. It directly integrates the web page with the company’s visitor database. Once a visitor reserves a spot, the system automatically sends parking details, like parking location, to the visitor’s email. When the customer arrives, the gate display shows their car number, parking location, and directions to guide them to their designated space.

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Successful Cases

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