Why Need Parking Guidance System?

With the continuous increase in the number of cars in recent years, the demand for the parking lot is fast growing. It is difficult to find parking spaces especially in department stores, stations, and airports, etc., And it is easy to get lost at underground parking lots and the owner often forgot the location where the vehicle is parked when picking up the car. The parking guidance system can help to quickly find the parking space when the car enters. while helping the owner to find the parking location very soon when returning. The customers save time in searching for parking spaces and finding a car, thereby increasing the vehicle turnover rate of the parking lot and achieving a win-win situation.

Intelligent Parking Guidance System from ParkGuide®

ParkGuide® is a camera-based visual parking guidance system that reduces customer frustration while providing a wonderful high-tech parking experience. With its core business intelligence, the ParkGuide® Parking Guidance System keeps track of the behavior, preferences and usage patterns of parking facilities, and uses this behavioral information to enhance security, efficiency, revenue, and return on investment.  ParkGuide® helps markets provide more efficient parking systems, including shopping and retail centers, airports, hospitals, casinos and gaming facilities, colleges and universities, corporate parks, architects, consultants, engineers, and parking system integrators.

Our Advantage

3 Parking Space Detection ?
7 Colors LED Selectable ?
≥99% Accuracy ?
0% None-lost Parking Status ?
Quick Installation ?
Extendable ?
System Reliability Analysis ?
Alarm Notify ?
Find Parking Place ?
Reserved Parking Space ?
Long Time Parked Car ?
Monitoring Parking Space ?
Secure Your Car ?
No License Plate Car ?
Across Parking Space ?
Save Parking Time ?
Stop employee theft ?
Intuitive Statistical Report ?
Car & Person Safety ?
Instant Notify ?
Bypass ?
Avoid Error Parking Message ?
Parking Experience ?
SDK Integrated ?

Why ParkGuide® Guidance System?

Beyond Parking Guidance
ParkGuide® is a camera-based parking guidance system with ALPR capability ParkHelper® camera and with intelligent software solutions are maximizing revenue, efficiency, and profitability for companies in diverse industries filed. Continue to grow with our proprietary portfolio of parking solutions that increase operational efficiency, simplify costs, extend surveillance and security levels, and provide the company with an unparalleled end-to-end parker experience.

Total Guidance Solution
The parking experience makes a crucial first impression of all visitors, for the private enterprises and public facilities alike.
The ParkGuide® Parking Guidance System provides an effective way to remove the pressure and uncertainty of visitor parking, giving them a great parking experience from the moment they arrive to the moment they exit the facility. All while improving overall traffic flow throughout a facility, across an entire property, and even in the surrounding area. Detail
Heighten Efficiency and Profitability
ParkGuide® parking systems combine with integrated License Plate Recognition
(LPR) and the business intelligence software track of empty spaces in order to provide parking guidance, as well as monitor your facility 24/7. As a result, you gain the depth and breadth of control it takes to ensure a streamlined and highly profitable operation. Through the ParkHelper® cameras generate a wealth of continuous data on the behaviors, preferences and usage patterns that affect your parking facility on a day-to-day basis. Detail
Maximize Your Revenue
The parkers are arriving throughout the day they would gladly pay a premium for one of those spaces? This is especially true during peak-activity periods when your facility is reaching full capacity. With ParkRate® premium parking can be a bona fide moneymaker. No need for expensive gate systems or costly loss of spaces. The intelligence-driven ParkCam® camera park space detection guidance system is all income. Our ParkRate® software works with ParkCam® camera which integrated LPR, you can easily designate spaces for premium pricing or other pricing strategies from anywhere throughout your entire facility. Detail
Not Parking Only, Also Surveillance
The process of keeping a watchful eye across a parking facility is a daunting task. In a standard ParkHelper® Camera installation are already in place to identify vehicles and monitor occupancy in every parking space. With the addition of our Witness Pro NVR (Network Video Recorder) software extension, the camera typically captures streaming video whenever motion is detected in or around a space. This can also be modified to provide continuous surveillance and recording. Either way, it’s an expanded level of security that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. Detail
Elevating Parking Experience
From Start – At the street entrance and key driver-decision points, ParkGuide® the space finding signage clearly shows the number of available spaces on each level of a parking garage. Then on each level, bright LEDs on our smart-sensors quickly signal hurried parkers to open spaces using familiar green-or-red color coding. Custom colors can also be used for special designations – i.e. Blue color for handicapped, White color for VIP… etc. Detail


Airports/Train Station


City Hall/Government Parking Lot

Colleges & Universities

Corporate Campus


Mall/ Department Store

System Configuration

How to work?

① Display available parking spaces
When the driver arrives, the number of available parking spaces is clearly/ real-time displayed on the outside and at the entrance of the parking lot, assisting the driver to choose a parking place and/or parking floor.

② Auto recognize license plate at the entrance
The system will open the gate to allow the vehicle to enter the parking lot after the ALPR system recognizes the license plate (allowing comparison of black/white list). The driver can see the number and direction of available parking spaces at the entrance, turn or intersection, which helps the driver to determine the direction and floor to find the parking space quickly.

③ Detect and display parking space status
The ParkCam® parking space detection camera built-in bright/multi-color LED and be installed at the parking space for the status of parking space indication. The LED color will assist the driver to find the parking space quickly, as well as transmits the results to the ParkHelper® parking management server immediately.

④ Auto-pay system and assist find out the parking location
When drivers forget where the vehicle is parked, the CarFinder® Parking Location Finding Server will display the possible parking location quickly even though the entered number is incomplete.


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