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The parking lot auto-management systems have become popular in recent years because it provides many benefits such as 24/7 operation, unguarded, nearly 0% error rates, prevents inside jobs problems, reduces labor costs. It also improves the security and speed of access control.
The recognition accuracy rate of access control is the core of parking management. However, no recognition system has a 100% accuracy rate; when the license plate is dirty, broken, forged, and heavy rain or snow environment, it may cause failure. These five force majeure factors are the cause of the wrong license plate recognition. The electronic tag (eTag) recognition nearly 100% accuracy rate, which is excellent access control, but due to easy copying and lending to reduce the reliability.
The parking management system of i-View combines the two current mainstream identification methods, LPR and UHF electronic tags. The system will use the license plate recognition image to identify the vehicle. When the weather or the license plate itself makes it unrecognizable, it will automatically process via eTag recognition. i-View’s system has the advantages of LPR and UHF and makes up for their respective shortcomings to achieve perfect parking lot access control.

LPR Vs. UHF Vs. LPR+UHF Compression Table






Nearly 100%

Nearly 100%

Recognition Angle




Recognition Object

Car, Motorcycle

Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, People

Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, People





Find Illegal

Easy trace via image


Easy trace via image





Sensing Distance












System Advantages

LPR/eTag Dual Authentication* ?
Support both license plate and electronic tag (eTag) authentication methods.

98% Accuracy ?
Accuracy of license plate recognition.

10~40 ms ?
Recognition required time for a single frame license plate.

80 Pixels* ?
The recognizable minimum pixels of the license plate’s horizontal width image.

Recognition Angle ?Recognizable license plate image angle.

120+ ?The LPR engine supported the number of countries and zones.

Long-distance UHF Reader* ?
Support long-distance UHF electronic tag reading and writing capability.

Recognition Object ?
Recognize the Vehicles, Motorcycles, Bicycles, and People for access control.

Empty Parking Spots Information* ?
Automatically count and show the empty parking space data at the entrance.

Lane safety control* ?
Automatic sound alarm when pedestrians are entering the lane.

Fuzzy comparison ?Input incompletely number all possible vehicles photo still can be listed.

Alarm notification ?Automatic notify when blacklist or VIP license plate is detected.

Database ?
Allow the Black/white/VIP/Temporary list database creation.

Playback event video ?
Click on the event list to play the video file.

Events search quickly ?
Use the category to search events quickly.

Export/Import data ?Export the consolidated event report, and allow the import and export of list data.

icon-CMS (1)

Redundancy Storage* ?
License plate records via Raid stored to avoid data loss when hard disk damage.

icon-CMS (7)

Backup O.S.* ?
The architecture of auto-backup O.S. to make the system stable.

icon-CMS (8)

Embedded O.S. ?Install embedded operation system into SSD storage.

icon-CMS (9)

S.M.A.R.T. ?
Supports prevent warning function of hard disk damage (S.M.A.R.T.).

icon-CMS (4)

Watchdog Timer  ?Built-in watchdog timer avoids system crash.

Prevent An Inside Job ?
Stop employee theft via a fully automated parking management system.

SDK  ?
Provide SDK for third-party integration.

* is optional function

The Difference of ParkGuide® Parking Management System

ParkCount® Parking Counting System

Accurately calculate the number of vehicles entering and exiting based on advanced algorithms to show the result on the display of gate entrance. Especially the system built-in an automatic correction mechanism avoids incorrect parking vacancy information after a while.

ParkBack® Parking Management Backup Host

The failover (failure recovery) function is a backup mode mainly used when the primary system is interrupted due to failure or regular maintenance. The auxiliary backup system uses to make up for the loss of the primary parking management system to provide uninterrupted Parking service.

ParkDB® Parking Management Database Server

Managing multiple parking lots is a pain point for enterprises or chain parking lots. The inability to share independent operation data of parking lots makes information integration difficult and workforce waste. The ParkGuid® parking management system provides the option of a ParkDB® database server, which can synchronously store the name-listed and vehicle entry and exit data of each parking lot. Achieve the advantages of centralized management, localized processing, and data backup. Besides that, there are many notable features.

System Configuration

System Cabling Structure

How does the dual recognition system work?

The dual recognition system combines license plate and eTag verification authentication methods for vehicle entry and exit of the car park. When the vehicle enters the car park entrance, the camera and UHF reader start recognizing the license plate and read the e-Tag. The gate will open to allow the cars to enter after pass these two verifications. There are three modes of vehicle authentication.

① The access control will open when the license plate or electronic tag is authentication.

The access control opened after the license plates, electronic tags both have passed the certification only.

Choose a single authentication method of the license plate or electronic label, and open the gate after passing.

Blacklist and whitelist management

The dual recognition parking management system can preset a whitelist or blacklist as gate entry and exit control. When the system detects a vehicle (including cars, motorcycles, and bicycles) approved on the whitelist, the vehicle allowing enter and exits the parking lot. Otherwise, it will No entry allow.

How does the ParkCount® Automatic Counting System of Empty Parking Spaces work?

The system can accurately calculate the number of vehicles entering and leaving based on advanced AI algorithms. The information of empty parking spots is shown on the LED display at the gate entrance, allowing car owners to query it from Webpage and Line App on their mobile phones. It will help the drivers determine whether to wait for an empty parking space to enter the parking lot.

Install license plate cameras at the exits and entrances of the gates for control entry and exit of vehicles.
Install an Anti-fall radar detector on the side of the gate barrier to protect the pedestrian and vehicle.
Install a direction radar detector behind the gate barrier in the lane.
Accurately count the number of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot according to the result of the license plate recognition and radar detection.


Airports / Train Station

Casinos / Entertainment

City Hall / Government Parking Lot

Colleges & Universities

Corporate Campus


Mall / Department Store


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