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In recent years, unstaffed parking lot management systems have become increasingly popular. These systems offer advantages such as 24/7 operation, no need for human supervision, reduced labor costs, decreased error rates, and prevent an inside job. They also significantly improve safety, confidentiality, and speed for consumers entering and exiting the parking lot. In a parking lot management system, the accuracy of gate access identification is a crucial factor. However, no identification system can achieve 100% accuracy. License plate recognition is often affected by uncontrollable factors such as dirty, damaged, or counterfeit license plates and adverse weather conditions like heavy rain or snow, resulting in the inability to identify license plates correctly.
Similarly, electronic tag (UHF) recognition can reduce the system’s reliability due to its vulnerability to copying and lending. I-View’s dual recognition parking management system combines two mainstream identification technologies in parking lot management, license plate recognition and electronic tag (UHF) recognition. The system uses license plate recognition for vehicle verification. When faced with identification issues caused by weather or license plate problems, the system’s built-in electronic tag (UHF) recognition can compensate for the shortcomings, fully utilizing the advantages of both methods to improve overall accuracy and performance in identification. These achieve a more comprehensive management of parking lot gates, providing greater flexibility and reliability to parking lot management.

LPR Vs. UHF Vs. LPR+UHF Compression Table






Nearly 100%

Nearly 100%

Recognition Angle




Recognition Object

Car, Motorcycle

Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, People

Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, People





Find Illegal

Easy trace via image


Easy trace via image





Sensing Distance












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System Advantages

LPR/UHF Dual Identification* ?Support both license plate and electronic tag (UHF) identification methods.

98% Accuracy ?Accuracy of license plate recognition.

10~40 ms ?Time required for a single frame of license plate recognition.

Mobile Phone Query ?

For drivers to check real-time vacancies, pay fees, and find car pickup locations. Managers can check the real-time parking status, update the list, control the gate, etc.

80 Pixels ?Minimum legible license plate horizontal width in pixels.

Recognition Angle ?Recognizable angle of license plate

120+ ?The LPR engine supports multiple countries and regions.

Long Range UHF Reader and Writer* ?Support long-range UHF electronic tag reading and writing capability.

Object Recognition ?It can identify objects such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles and people to execute access control.

Empty Parking Spots Information* ?Automatically count and show the empty parking space on parking signage at the entrance.

Lane Safety Control* ?

Automatic sound alarm when pedestrians are entering the lane.

Fuzzy Comparison ?Input incomplete license plate numbers; it can display all possible vehicle photos.

Alarm Notification ?Real-time email/app/alert notification whenever a blacklisted or VIP vehicle has been identified.

Establish Assorted Lists ?Support establishing black/white/VIP/temporary lists on the database.

Event Video Playback ?Click on the event list to automatically play the video at the time of the event.

Quick Search Events ?Quickly search events by category.

Data Compilation ?Export consolidated event reports and import/export database lists.

icon-CMS (1)

Redundancy Storage* ?The entry/exit records are saved via Raid storage to avoid data loss due to hard disk damage.

icon-CMS (7)

Backup O.S.* ?The automatic backup structure of the operating system makes it more stable.

icon-CMS (8)

Embedded O.S. ?Installing the embedded operating system on the SSD makes it more secure.

icon-CMS (9)

S.M.A.R.T. ?Support notification of hard disk S.M.A.R.T. failure predicted warning.

icon-CMS (4)

Watchdog Timer  ?Built-in watchdog timers to auto reboot once the system crashes.

Prevent An Inside Job ?Fully automated management prevents parking attendants′ theft.

SDK*  ?Provide SDK for third-party integration.

* is optional function

The ParkGuide® Parking Management System Difference

ParkCount® Parking Counting System

Accurately calculate the number of vehicles entering and exiting using advanced algorithms and display the results on gate entrances. The system’s built-in automatic correction mechanism ensures accurate parking vacancy information, preventing errors over time. It also allows car owners to use mobile phones to view web pages, obtain real-time parking space information, and decide whether to park or wait for an empty parking space.

ParkBack® Parking Management Backup Host

The failover (failure recovery) function is a backup mode mainly used to provide uninterrupted parking services by replacing the primary parking management system with an auxiliary backup system when the primary system is damaged or interrupted due to failure or regular maintenance.

ParkDB® Parking Management Database Server

Managing multiple parking lots is a significant challenge for enterprises or chain parking lots. Each parking lot operates independently, preventing the sharing of data and resulting in complex information integration and resource wastage. The ParkGuide® parking management system offers the ParkDB® database server option, enabling the synchronous storage of license plate lists and vehicle entry and exit data for each parking lot. Administrators can conveniently view, manage, and update parking lot status and list data through any browser, ensuring centralized management with decentralized processing. The system also provides robust data backup capabilities. Additionally, numerous outstanding features enhance the overall functionality of the system.

System Configuration

System Cabling Structure

How does the dual recognition system work?

The dual recognition system combines license plate and eTag authentication methods for vehicle entry and exit of the car park. When the vehicle enters the car park entrance, the camera and UHF reader recognize the license plate and read the e-Tag. After passing these two verifications, the gate will open to allow the cars to enter. There are three modes of vehicle authentication.

① The access control will open when the license plate or electronic tag is authenticated.

The access control opened after the license plates and electronic tags passed the certification.

Choose a single authentication method for the license plate or electronic label, and open the gate after passing.

Blocklist and allowlist management

The dual recognition parking management system can preset an allowlist or blocklist as gate entry and exit control. When the system detects a vehicle (including cars, motorcycles, and bicycles) approved on the allowlist, the vehicle allowing enters and exits the parking lot. Otherwise, it will No entry is permitted.

How does the ParkCount® Automatic Counting System of Empty Parking Spaces work?

The system can accurately calculate the number of vehicles entering and leaving based on advanced AI algorithms. The information of empty parking spots is shown on the LED display at the gate entrance, allowing car owners to query it from Webpage and Line App on their mobile phones. It will help the drivers determine whether to wait for an empty parking space to enter the parking lot.

Install license plate cameras at the exits and entrances of the gates for control entry and exit of vehicles.
Install an Anti-fall radar detector on the side of the parking boom barrier to protect the pedestrian and vehicle.
Install a direction radar detector behind the parking boom barrier in the lane.
Accurately count the number of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot according to the result of the license plate recognition and radar detection.


Smart parking management-visitor parking space reservation and automatic parking guidance system
I-View’s intelligent parking system helps companies and government agencies manage visitors’ reserved parking spaces. It directly integrates the web page with the company’s visitor database. Once a visitor reserves a spot, the system automatically sends parking details, like parking location, to the visitor’s email. When the customer arrives, the gate display shows their car number, parking location, and directions to guide them to their designated space.

EV charging parking space management
The facing problems of EV charging parking space are nonelectric vehicle parking, long time parking, parked but not charging. Using i-View’s ParkGuid® parking space management system can solve these problems quickly.


Airports / Train Station

Casinos / Entertainment

City Hall / Government Parking Lot

Colleges & Universities

Corporate Campus


Mall / Department Store


Successful Cases of Parking Lot Automation Management

Successful Cases of Parking Lot Automation Management

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