VehRecog® Vehicle recognition
Our Vehicle Recognition Can Do More…

i-View specializes in car recognition and analytics for video security systems. Our VehRecog® vehicle’s recognition engine with state-of-the-art image processing, computer vision, neural network, and machine learning algorithms lets our system have excellent performance. The VehRecog® can be an effective tool in various applications, providing timely and accurate information and allowing users to make well-informed and quick decisions in their respective areas.
VehRecog® provide ALPR, AMCR, ACNR, AWNR, and AUTO UIC multi-car recognition modules for multiple application. Today, the systems are giving positive results for numerous industries across a wide range of field applications.

Our Advantage

UP TO 97%  ?
Recognition accuracy
5-300 ms ?
Single-frame recognition time

150 Km/H

Maximum vehicle speed

Number of supported countries

8 Pixels
Minimum character height

6 Cat.
Number of supported vehicle categories

1300 Models
Number of supported vehicle models

>100 Maker
Number of supported vehicle makes

10 Colors
Number of supported colors

6 Types
Support Container Characters types

1 Output ?
Results from individual frames are merged and a single result is issued for each container
6 Models Detail
Supported container types

Why VehRecog® Vehicle recognition?

Our vehicle recognition engines are not tied to any specialized equipment or cameras. You can use any hardware that meets the minimum technical requirements.

We are always open to collaboration and take customers’ wishes into consideration in the development of future versions. Our flexible, modular recognition system also makes it possible to rapidly solve non-standard tasks (number recognition on a company’s rolling stock with a proprietary numbering system, etc.)

Our vehicle recognition engines used more than 12 years of real-world experience conducting research, and developing and perfecting software in the area of OCR and computer vision. As a result, our products have high recognition accuracy and speed.

We have worked continuously to improve the technical characteristics of our recognition engine kernel. Having a lineup of number recognition products lets us continuously grow our expertise while simultaneously advancing and improving the recognition kernel in the entire family of recognition engines.

Success Stories

Enterprise – CorSec Business Center
Enhances the safety and parking management of CorSec Business Center to protect the safety of employees working in the building and company property and greatly increases the building revenue which comes from parking service, by i-View’s advanced video surveillance solutions. Read more…

Law Enforcement – Police Bureau of Hsinchu City
i-View surveillance system offers powerful vehicle recognition capabilities, clearer video, and faster search speed, which helps the Police Bureau of Hsinchu City to greatly improve the crime case clean-up rate. Read more…

Government – Qatar embassy in Algeria
i-View’s advanced video surveillance solutions provide powerful License Plate recognition and Face recognition to enhance the security of the entire Qatar embassy venue and the surrounding environment. Read more…