Vidlytics® Video Analytics
The rapid development of the security industry calls for the need for more intelligent video monitoring. Because of a massive amount of video records, but hardly ever being reviewed, it is ordinary to miss suspicious behaviors. To avoid such events and activities is omitted, the i-View Vidlytics® video analytics solution enables proactive surveillance, helping your security staff protect your property by detecting and deterring crime. The applications can, for example, see trespassers or loiterers and automatically notify a guard or play a message over a loudspeaker. The edge-based applications are scalable and help reduce bandwidth and storage use by sending and recording the only video of interest.

Our Advantage

Connected Any Video Source
Vidlytics® Video Analytics offers highly accurate, affordable, and ready-to-be-used out-of-the-box video analytics solutions which can integrate with retrofitted to existing systems or new camera installations.

Powerful Video Analytics
Vidlytics® You can get the Video Analytics benefits from i-View’s Vidlytics® server or IP camera. Both solutions provide multiple IVA capabilities, such as the Missing/Unattended Object, Loitering Detection, Line Crossing, Intrusion, Smart Motion, Running, Tamper, Lose focus Detection, Object Counting, built-in heat maps, and much more…

Multiple Stats Drawing
Vidlytics® aggregates analytics data for each camera and builds various statistics based on that. Build multiple visual stats diagram which helps the operator identify suspicious activity quickly and efficiently while boosting the efficiency of your surveillance system to the highest level. The numerous visible stats diagram is including:

  • Video Analytics Chart Detail
  • Heat map Detail
  • Tracks Map Detail
  • Events Archive Detail
  • Zone Histograms Detail

What Kind of IVA Functions Vidlytics® Offer?

Object Classification?

Object Counting?

Queue Counting?

Measure Speed?

Loitering Detection?

Crowd Detection?

Intrusion Detection?

Line Crossing?

Smart Motion Detection?

Tamper Detection?

Unattended Object?

Missing Object?

Lose Focus Detection?

Video Quality Detection?

Tailgating Detection?

What Are The Application of Vidlytics® Video Analytics?

Video Analytics Applications in Business
Discover how Vidlytics® Video Analytics unlock the full potential of your business with in-store data and customer insights to optimize staff planning, enhances customer experience, and improves marketing, merchandising activities, and increasing your profits.

Queue Detection Detail

People Counting Detail

Hot Spots Detail

Wrong-way detection Detail

Video Analytics Applications in Security
i-View Vidlytics® Video Analytics ensures that video surveillance systems become more intelligent, more accurate, and cost-effective through the system’s functions.

  • Provide a proactive operation.
  • Reduce the workload for the staff.
  • Detect suspicious activities immediately.
  • Automatically analyze surveillance video in real-time.

Intrusion Detection Detail

Virtual Trip-Wire Detection Detail

Loitering Detection Detail

Smart Motion Detection Detail

Audio Detection Detail


Application of object counting and object identification in business and transportation
Object counting uses image analysis to count the number of in and out objects at a specific space or route. Combining the object identification function can separately measure the flow of different things such as people, vehicles, and motorcycles. The object counting and identification technology can widely use in various industries, such as retail stores, libraries, museums, airports, supermarkets, exhibition activities, transportation, etc.; the real-time statistical data will help you make the right decision.
What are the benefits of using images for object flow statistics?
1. The number of people, vehicles, and motorcycles can be counted by category.
2. Calculate the conversion rate of shop visitors.
3. Count the number of visitors in each period; optimize the service personnel according to the number of visitors.
4. According to the rush hour traffic flow to conduct traffic guidance.
5. Video recording improves safety protection.

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) – Video Occlusion Alarm
Some crimes to prevent the illegal behavior from being recorded will intentionally destroy the camera, such as blocking or painting the lens. The IVA function will immediately alert when the camera’s occlusion to avoid recording the criminal behavior.

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) – Loitering Detection
Detect when a person has been in a specified area for more than a specified time. The Illegal activities towards the places like retail stores and banks would be nipped in the bud thanks to this function.

Automated vehicle counting
The IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics )camera shows the auto counting vehicle capability.

Automated Vehicle Counting and Classification
Automated Vehicle Counting and Classification via IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics ) camera.

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