ConCode® ACNR
Auto Container Number Recognition

What is ConCode® ACNR?

The ConCode® The ConCode® ACNR system is a technology that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to detect container codes from images or video streams. The ACNR engine supports all standard container sizes and tank containers with compatible codes like ISO 6346. The system also has a built-in checksum mechanism that ensures the recognition result matches the check code. Therefore, the system can achieve almost 100% recognition accuracy.


What is ConCode® ACNR can do?

Millions of containers are stacked in warehouses or transported by sea, rail, or road worldwide; managing and tracking these containers will be arduous and time-consuming. The ConCode® ACNR engine can read six modes of horizontal and vertical container codes and store the recognition data result of container code and size., such as container code, container sizes, Date time, GPS position, and confidence. Our ConCode® ACNR is a practical container number recognition solution designed for modern container & terminal management. It can realize automated and streamlined container transportation processes, ensure the safety and reliability of logistics chain management, and establish highly efficient transportation networks.
The system provides an advanced automatic container code recognition solution, which can automatically recognize ISO6346 codes of the containers, both fixed and transported. The recognition results are stored in its database for instant verification to manage effectively. Allow integration with the license plate recognition to verify the container code and license plate number simultaneously to achieve maximum gate control and safety management.

Our Advantage

More than 98%  ?
Recognition accuracy
60-1500 ms ?
Single-frame recognition time

20 Km/H
Maximum driving speed of container vehicle

16 Pixels
Minimum pixels of vertical character height to recognition

1-6 Cameras
System supports 1-6 cameras for one container number recognition. 

1 Output ?
Individual frames are merged into a single result.
6 Models Detail
Supported container number printing types
Recognition angles ?
Acceptable camera viewing angles
Playback event video ?
Click on the event list to play the video file.

Events search quickly ?
Use the category to search events quickly.

Multi-mode Operation ?
Support the Triggered mode and Free-Flow mode.
Complex Scenario Support ?
Allow filtering the direction and enabling the ROI area.
Lane safety control* ?
Automatic sound alarm when pedestrians are entering the lane.

Alarm notification ?
When a blocklist license plate or parking overtime is detected, the system will automatically provide a notification.
Export/Import data ?
Export the consolidated event report and allow the import and export of list data.

icon-CMS (1)
Redundancy Storage* ?
License plate records via Raid are stored to avoid data loss when the hard disk is damaged.

icon-CMS (7)
Backup O.S.* ?
The architecture of auto-backup O.S. to make the system stable.

icon-CMS (8)
Embedded O.S. ?
Install embedded operation system into SSD storage.

icon-CMS (9)

S.M.A.R.T. ?Supports prevent warning function of hard disk damage (S.M.A.R.T.).

icon-CMS (4)
Watchdog Timer  ?
Built-in watchdog timer avoids system crashes.

SDK* ?
Provide SDK for third-party integration.

* is optional function

Why Concode® ACNR?

Support all standard container types on the market, including standard dry cargo containers with lengths of 20, 40, 45, 48, and 53 feet and 20-foot tank containers with the ISO 6346 number.

Unifying access control and automatic container number recognition allow you to assign access rights and schedules and restrict access immediately.

We strive to provide the most flexible, functional, convenient, and coherent recognition solutions for our product lineups, technical support, and consultations during our system’s integration into client requirements.

The recognition engine works smoothly on a video stream (up to 10 fps) of a container moving up to 20 km/h, performing recognition using up to 6 cameras on a control point while maintaining the highest possible recognition quality.

ConCode® ACNR recognition engines do not use any limited selection of geometric templates for container numbers. Instead, it uses proprietary font-independent OCR, allowing the engine to support the broadest possible versions of container ISO 6346 compliant numbers.

ConCode® ACNR System Application Diagram

Port and Logistics Applications

ConCode® ACNR system provides fast operation and efficient container tracking and management in modern ports’ container loading/unloading zones and container yards.

Access Control
ConCode® ACNR system is a practical container number recognition solution integrated with the license plate recognition function as needed to achieve maximum access control and safety management.

Display the parking status of the Container terminal
A container terminal’s space is a precious logistics and transportation resource. How to effectively arrange the placement of each container at the dock and control the parking time is an essential part of logistics control. ConCode® CNR system provides a complete solution to enhance the power.

① When the container parks at the dock, the camera automatically recognizes the container code.

② The radar detector still knows the terminal is occupied, even if the container code is obscured.

③ Manage staff can use mobile phones or computers to check the occupancy status of all docks and whether there is any overtime parking anytime, anywhere.


Compilation of container code, license plate number, and weighbridge information
Container truck weighing is necessary for container trucks to enter or leave the logistics park, so automatically combining the scale data with the license plate number and container code is essential for logistics control. ConCode® ANCR System provides a complete automatic solution; the ANCR server will automatically recognize the container codes and license plate number when the container truck enters the weighbridge area. At the same time, the location, time, and scale measurement data will be collected and transmitted to the Database server.

ConCode® ACNR enables efficient and accurate container movement management at yards and quay for the port and terminal container distribution industry. With a camera set on both sides of the spreader, the system automatically recognizes, records, and verifies the codes of the containers while loading or unloading. The system can operate Gantry Crane GC, Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes, and Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes.

Quay Crane
ConCode® ACNR automatically recognizes, records, and verifies the container numbers during the container loading or unloading operations, ensuring accurate on-site container movement and streamlining the procedure at the quay. The system is used for the Gantry Crane (GC)’s operation.

Reach Stacker
ConCode®ACNR Wide enables efficient and accurate container movements at yard and quay for the ports and container terminal industries. The aim is to enhance the operational efficiency of Yard Operations at Container Ports and Inland Container Depots (ICD).
The system can perform under harsh conditions found in the marine terminal environment, can be remotely monitored, and/or data transmitted via a LAN or 4G connection.

Mobile Container Inventory Management
ConCode® ACNR Mobility is a mobile container inventory and management system to solve the cumbersome inventory problems of container yards. The operator can drive a car equipped with the system in the container yard to perform on-site container inspection.
Using a 4K resolution PTZ camera installed on the vehicle, the system can automatically take inventory and easily collect information about each container in the yard, such as the container code, size, and location. The collected data is transmitted to the terminal operating system (TOS) for real-time verification and updating of the database, thereby improving management efficiency and reducing operating costs.


Auto container number recognition (ACNR)
The ConCode® ACNR (Auto Container Number Recognition) from i-View Communication Inc. is a technology that uses optical detection and recognition on images or videos to read container numbers. The system supports standard containers of all dimensions and tank containers with the ISO 6346 compliant identification number.

Auto-recognize ISO 6346 code behind the container
The Concode® ACNR (Auto Container Number Recognition) from i-View Communication Inc. is a technology that uses optical detection and recognition on images or videos to read container numbers. The system supports standard containers of all dimensions and tank containers with the ISO 6346 compliant identification number.

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