What is Ethernet Over 2-Wire Extender

Leverages Coax, UTP, and 2-Wire to create robust and secure PoE connections for IP devices up to 1.5Km (4,950ft) distance.  Broken 100 meters Ethernet transmission distance limitation, just Plug & Play the long distance PoE is no longer your concern.

Our Advantage

Long Reach PoE ?
Networked Just There’s 2-Wire ?
Plug & Play ?
Flexible Configuration ?
Reliability and Stability ?
Secure & Safety ?
Friendly Status Indicator ?
Add Power Easily ?
Gigabyte Speed ?
High Power ?
Industrial Standard ?

Success Stories

Enterprise – China Steel Company
How i-View ezLink® Ethernet/PoE Extender upgrades the existing analog CCTV system to IP without re-cabling and as well as add more IP cameras in the same cable. Read more…

Telecom – Chunghwa Telecom
i-View ezLink® Ethernet/PoE Extender solves the long-distance transmission, power cabling, bandwidth and waterproof issue for Chunghwa Telecom installs wireless Internet access station at backward areas of Taiwan. Read more…

Retail – Hypermart supermarket chain store
i-View ezLink® Ethernet/PoE Extender provides the solution to rapid replace the existing twisted-pair infrastructure to IP cameras without lengthy and disruptive infrastructure renovations to none loss of revenue. Read more…

Transport – SBS Transit
How i-View ezLink® Ethernet/PoE Extender can upgrade the existing analog CCTV system to IP without re-cabling and none-stop surveillance, as well as expand the CCTV camera system. Read more…

Product Series
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