The PlateFinder® is a mobile ALPR enforcement system that allows for rapid and large-scale detection of illegal vehicles. When on patrol, the system proactively checks cars on the road, such as stolen, hit-and-run, unpaid taxes, or fines. Police officers will receive an immediate notification when an abnormal vehicle is recognized. Additionally, the system supports facial recognition and can instantly identify kidnappers, missing persons, and wanted criminals. Its powerful identification capabilities are equivalent to adding a police force to assist law enforcement in their joint efforts to combat criminal vehicles and wanted criminals.

Why choose PlateFinder® Mobility ALPR enforcement system?

Vehicle-related crimes include organized crime, terrorist attacks, and the sale of stolen vehicles to finance other crimes. According to statistics from the International Association Chiefs of Police, up to 70% of significant crimes relate to the theft of vehicles or their use in illegal activities. Stolen cars are not just a loss of money but also trigger other crimes. The above crimes let communities and schools pose serious threats and must be improved effectively. The fundamental analysis and statistics show that the ALPR system is particularly useful in assisting law enforcement agencies in finding stolen vehicles and missing persons and investigating robberies and kidnappings. Installing the Mobile ALPR system on police cars to detect stolen cars around the clock will be a practical and wise choice while not increasing the burden of the extra police force.
If your law enforcement agency is considering strengthening the fight and prevention of vehicle-related crimes, using mobile automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) systems can play a role in efficiency:

The PlateFinder® ALPR system is a powerful weapon against illegal vehicles More*

Real-time data assist law enforcement officers in responding quickly More*

It not only searches for illegal vehicles but also helps in finding missing persons and wanted More. More*

Mobility ALPR system is an effective tool for deterring crime More*

What can help Law enforcement agencies with the PlateFinder® mobility ALPR system?

PlateFinder® Mobilility ANPR is the innovative solution for increasing police cars’ effectiveness, preventing crime, helping frontline police officers to work faster and better, and assisting law enforcement agencies in executing:

  • Locate the stolen vehicles
  • Found tax-owed vehicles
  • Assistance in finding missing persons
  • Real-time warning wanted criminals
  • Search for evidence of illegal parking of vehicles

At the same time, with the help of the system, the following improvements can be achieved:

  • Increasing operational efficiencies
  • Helping police to act faster
  • Fighting police corruption
  • Reducing paperwork

System Advantage

Wide Angle ?Recognition range covers moving cars and parked cars on the road’s side.

Dual Cameras* ?To Install two cameras to get 2X recognition performance.

120 Km/H ?Allow recognizing the license plate of reverse vehicles and maximum relative speed.

N:N Face Recognition* ?Multiple face recognition simultaneously.

98% Accuracy ?Accuracy of license plate recognition.

120+ ?The number of countries and regions supported by our LPR engine.

IR LED ?Capture clear images at nighttime via High-brightness infrared LED assist.

Alarm notification ?Auto-notify when the event is triggered.

Export/Import data ?Export the consolidated event report and allow the import and export of list data.

icon-parking (68)

Mobile Devises Query ?Using mobile devices to view the real-time status via Wi-Fi or 4G

4G Mobility* ?To synchronize the database via 4G wireless transmission.

GPS* ?Accurately grasp the event location through GPS.

icon-CMS (8)

Embedded O.S. ?Install embedded operation system into SSD storage.

icon-CMS (9)

S.M.A.R.T. ?To support the prevention warning function of hard disk damage (S.M.A.R.T.).

icon-CMS (4)

Watchdog Timer ?Built-in watchdog timer avoids system crashes.

* is optional function

System Cabling Structure

How does the PlateFinder® mobile ALPR system work?

1. System installation

PlateFinder® ALPR system is installed on the police motorcycle

PlateFinder® ALPR system is installed on the police car

2. Application on urban traffic roads

Suitable for deployment in slower urban traffic and parking vehicles on both sides of the street. Depending on the situation, the system can expand to recognize the two lanes’ license plate numbers.

3. Application in parking lot recognition

When a patrol police car parks on the roadside, the system can identify the vehicle’s license plate number and the pedestrian’s face to search for illegal vehicles and wanted criminals or find missing persons.

4.A parked police car recognizes running vehicles on the road

When a patrol police car parks on the roadside, the system can identify the vehicle’s license plate number and the pedestrian’s face to search for illegal vehicles and wanted criminals or find missing persons.


Mobility ALPR system used for on-duty police cars
This video uses the i-View’s PlateFinder® mobile license plate recognition system with a speed of about 50~60Km/H to perform the license plate recognition of roadside parking vehicles. The recognition vehicle types include automobiles and motorcycles. The system can support installing a second camera to help recognize the vehicle’s license plate on the opposite lane so police duty efficiency can increase more.

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