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Long-Distance UHF Reader
The UHF reader is an RFID long-distance proximity card reader which can simultaneously read multiple passive UHF (820~940MHz) tags at ranges up to 25m. The waterproof design suits outdoor use in a wide range of RFID applications, such as transport management, vehicle management, car parking, production process control, and access control.


Driven by the global economic and population growth, especially the fast-developing Asian market, automobiles’ demand is increasing steadily every year. In 2019/2020, annual global automobile production has reached 90.3 million / 76.5 million. With the increased car number in the world and the demand for cars and parking spaces in developing countries, Estimate that by the end of 2020, will need more than 18 billion parking spaces in the world. i-View has provided a dual identification (long-distance UHF Tag and license plate recognition) parking management solution for parking lot applications to meet the current huge market demand. Compared with traditional parking access controllers, i-View’s long-distance UHF reader products are easier to use. The device can identify and open the gate before the vehicle reaches the gate. Besides, our long-distance UHF reader has low CPU loading, long-distance reading, low cost, and nearly 100% reading success rate compared with the LPR product. the UHF reader will have significant advantages as a deployment for parking lot access control. i-View’s UHF reader can automatically identify moving or static vehicles and people in a non-contact mode, realize automatic management of parking lot gates. The UHF reader operation with a frequency of 840~960MHz suits global applications. Its reading distance of up to 25 meters is more flexible for installation and deployment, and lower power consumption design effectively ensures the product’s service life. It is an excellent hardware foundation for parking lot solutions.


  • Comply with EPC CLASS 1 GEN 2 and ISO 18000-6C electronic tag protocol standards.
  • Maximum 25 meters reading e-tag distance, the output power can be adjusted to meet the field scene application.
  • Supports e-tag reading of moving objects at speeds up to 100 Km/H, with an effective length of up to 10-20 meters.
  • External trigger to read electronic tags for power saving.
  • IP-54 standard design suits for outdoor environment installation.
  • Support TCP/IP network communication and POE function.
  • Automatic reconnection when network disconnection.

UHF Reader Installation

UHF Reader-1

Simulated reading zone of UHF reader

UHF Reader-2

Paste UHF electronic tag on the vehicle
There are two types of long-distance UHF electronic tags suitable for parking management applications.

A. Anti-Metal UHF Tag is suitable for pasting on the license plate.

UHF Reader-3

B. Anti-Tear UHF Tag fixed on the windshield.
Anti-Tear UHF Electronic Tag is a label that pastes on the windshield of the vehicle. This tag should install in an appropriate place on the windshield inside the car. (Please refer to the photo)

UHF Reader-4

The distance between the place where the UHF Tag is attached and the metal frame of the car window should be at least 80mm. Please refer to the ticked position in the photo below as the recommended UHF Tag paste position.

UHF Reader-5




865~928 MHz

UHF Protocol

Compliant EPC UHF CLASS 1 GEN 2 and ISO 18000-6C protocal

Output Power

30 dBm (Adjustable)


12 dBi Linear Polarization (915MHZ)

9 dBi Linear Polarization (915MHZ)


RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP (RJ45 with POE)

Read /Write Speed

<0.1s (single tag)

Tag moving speed*

Readable speed ≤100 Km/H (Single tag)

Reading Distance*

Maximum Distance: 25 m
Optimum Distance: 20 m

Maximum Distance: 10 m
Optimum Distance: 7 m

Read Mode

Continue / Trigger (Selectable)

l/O Port

External Trigger, Relay Output & Weigand 26 Output x1



Power Consumption

DC9V~12V, Built-in IEEE802.3af POE, <3W (Output 30 dBm, Multi Tags),<2W (Output 26 dBm, Single Tag)



Radome Material


Radiant Board Material





Temperature -20℃~60℃, Humidity 10% ~ 95% Non-condensing


445x 445x 55mm

260x 260x 75mm




* Test with single AZ9662 tag

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