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ParkDB® Database Server

ParkDB® server can synchronously backup the list and vehicle entry and exit data of each parking lot. The customer can check the status and update the database of the parking lot anytime and anywhere through the browser, achieving the advantages of centralized management and localized processing; in addition, there are many excellent features.

The ParkDB® database server is the best tool for managing multiple parking lots. The customer can check the status and update the database of the parking lot anytime and anywhere through the browser, achieving the advantages of centralized management and localized processing.

Our Advantage

Data Storage
Synchronously store each parking lot’s license plate list and vehicle entry and exit data to utilize centralized management and localized processing. Work with the ParkBack® Failover server, and it can seamlessly take over and continue to operate when the parking management server crashes.

Real-time Monitoring
Users can import, export, and modify the license plate list, query the real-time and historical data of vehicle entry and exit, set camera parameters, monitor live videos, and remotely open gates through the browser anytime, anywhere.

Embedded O.S.
An embedded operating system prevents the HDD break causing the system crash and a virus problem.

Backup O.S.*
Embedded O.S. and NVR software installed on the SSD with redundancy RAID 1 to ensure auto take over when SSD defected.

Redundancy Storage
To protect recorded data with Raid storage redundancy, Auto pop-up warning message and sound alarm to notify the manager when the hard disk is damaged, while supports automatically rebuilding after the hard disk is updated.

Schedule Backup
Support automatic/manual backup database to achieve backup database to the remote site.

Predict HDD failure and send the user a warning message with two levels via email, SMS, phone call, execute the preinstalled program.

Alarm Notify
The Park Cameras are verified regularly by software algorithms, the ParkGuide® system will provide owners/managers with an alert if a camera goes out of service.

Empty Parking Space
Drivers can query the information of empty parking space through the website and Line App via their mobile phone to facilitate the customers to determine whether to go to this parking lot.

Import List
Support automatic/manual import of license plate number list to the parking management and database servers. (option)

Network Security
Users need to log in to the database host with a password, support SSL encrypted transmission, and record the last login time of each user.

Login Parameters
Support user permissions, verification code input, automatic logout, delayed login, password combination, and other settings.






Built-in Embedded Windows O.S. on SSD. Raid 1 Dual Embedded O.S. ensures auto take over when there is SSD defected. (Option)


4 HDDs up to 40TB; (4x10TB) capacity. Hot-Swap Bays (Option)

RAID Level

Hardware Raid card, support RAID 0, 1, 5 function. (Option)


Gigabyte Port x4

Gigabyte Port x2

Gigabyte Port x1

Didplay Port

3 displays (DVI, HDMI, Display port) up to 4K resolution.

Cooling Fan

8cm fan x3; built in temperature controller to control fan speed

I/O Port

USB x 4, Audio in/out (jack)


Built in Hardware Watchdog and Software Watchdog timer.

Power Supply

500W | 100‐240VAC (47‐63 Hz)


88(H) x483(W)x 660(L) mm

Net Weight

12Kg (Without HDD)


2U Rackmount Chassis


Operation: Temperature 0°C ~ 50°C; Humidity 10% ~ 90%(N/An-condensing)
Storage: Temperature -40°C ~ 70°C; Humidity 5% ~ 95%(N/An-condensing)



Parking Space & LPR Management

1500 Parking Space & 6 ALPR Gate Control

750 Parking Space & 4 ALPR Gate Control

380 Parking Space & 2 ALPR Gate Control

Health Monitoring

Online monitor the server health, event alert, network connection, and devices status.


LED display, Camera light, Camera configuration, Map, Gate control, Alarm notify, Parking space, and direction.

Entry /Exit

Auto recognizes the license plate and displays the number when the car arrives at the checkpoint, automated open gate after passing the check.

Lane safety control

Automatically sound an alarm at the entrance and notify the security personnel at the same time when a pedestrian enters the lane.

Access Control

Support the license plater number of Blacklist / Whitelist/ VIP / Temporary database list setting


Authorized by persons, vehicles, companies, tenant groups, flexible time, permission zones

Count parking space

Display the amount of available parking space count and listed the actual parking cars.

Quick Search

Search the view log by location, license plate number, time periods.


User groups with predefined permissions and view logd records.


Generate an intuitive statistical report of parked spaces, hotspots, and traffic flow analysis.


Recording the real-time Video/Image into the hard disk (Option)


Simultaneously display the real-time status of the parking space, the Entrance/Exit, parking space map, and live video.

Support Car Plate

The applied ALPR engine is proven worldwide in 120+ countries.


Support English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese language software versions.

Order Information

AnyNet-xxxyy(L)(U) Lite: xx: Camera channel | yy: HDD number | (L): LPR channel | (U):UHF Reader channel | Lite: None Raid and Hot-Swap function.
Example: AnyNet-12804(2)(2): 2 Ch LPR+128 Ch Parking cameras | Hot-Swap HDD x 4 | 2 Ch UHF Reader | Raid 5/6 HDD storage

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
DescriptionVersionReleased DateSizeDownloadNote


ParkerHelper® Parking Space Management Server datasheetV1.12020/04/056.5M
ParkerCam® Parking space detection camera datasheetV1.12020/10/050.65M
CarFinder® Find My Car Kiosk datasheetV1.02019/10/200.7M
ParkDis® Parking Space Guidance Display datasheet_IndoorV1.12021/03/05 0.817M
ParkDis® Parking Space Guidance Display datasheet_OutdoorV1.12021/03/05 0.817M
ParkerGuide® ParkGuide® parking guidance system PresentationV1.02020/10/08 4.8M


ParkHelper® Parking Space Management Server operation manualV1.12019/08/205.8M
CarFinder® Find My Car Server operation manualV1.12019/08/203.9M


Parking Management SoftwareV1.22020/09/17260M
Parking Location Finding SoftwareV1.32019/08/0236.8M

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