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ParkSen® ultrasonic detector
ParkSen® is a front-mounted ultrasonic detector with a multi-color LED and dual-angle sensors. Setting up the PGS requires installing a detector in front of each parking space to get and display the parking spot status. Users can set various LED colors according to the properties of the parking space, for example, White light→ VIP parking spots |blue light → handicapped parking space | red light → parking occupy. The indicator light installed at the concave-type parking space is not easy to be seen by the driver, connected to external lights displayed to match the actual application perfectly. The ParkSen® Ultrasonic Parking Space Detector communicates in real-time with the PSC-064 zone controller; the controller collects all information of detectors sent to the ParkHelper® parking management server to provide the best solution for the PGS application.

Two in One
The simplified design simplifies installation and construction procedures by combining ultrasonic transceivers and LED indicators.

0% None-lost Parking Status
The ultrasonic detector will continue to detect occupancy/vacancy and update its LED light ring even if a network, zone controller, or server interruption should occur.

Allow installing the equipment in front of the parking space grid to avoid disputes caused by the construction or the accidental damage of vehicles during installation and maintenance due to parked cars inside the grid.

When the indicator light is damaged, it will actively message the Zone controller and parking management server to display relevant fault information and notify the manager simultaneously.

Under correct installation conditions, the detection accuracy of the parking space state can reach more than 99%.

Bypass Configuration
Bypass the failed devices to keep the system working well when using the Daisy-chained configuration.

Quick Installation
The ultrasonic detector supports a daisy-chained configuration and wide operation voltage, using a single 2-wire cable and power cable for 40 detectors installation up to 1200 meters transmission distance.

Light Indicator
Built-in 7-color LED indicators, users can customize the color-matching relationship between parking spaces and indicators. For example, purple light → VIP parking space; blue light → accessible parking space.

ECO Design
ECO energy-saving design, the power consumption of the equipment is less than 0.15 watts, which meets the environmental protection requirements of energy saving and carbon reduction.

The built-in anti-interference circuit design can effectively reduce the misjudgment caused by external environmental factors.

System Configuration

System Cabling Structure

ModelPS-200AFront-Mount | 7-color | Self-Test | Bypass | >99% Accuracy | Daisy-Chained | 2-In-1 | None-lost
Detection MethodFront-Mounted Detection, Built-in dual ultrasonic wave transceiver and 7-color indicator light
External LightSupport external 7-color indicator light
Detection Distance2 Meters
Installation Height2.0~3.0 Meters;The best installation height is 2.5 meters.
Error ValueLess than 0.1 meters
Communication InterfaceHalf-duplex RS485 | 4800 BPS
Transmission Distance≤1200 meters
CertificationCE, FCC, RoHS, IP55
HousingScrewless ABS material design
Dimensions | Weight40mm (W) x 61mm (L) x 26mm (H) | 90 g (PS-200A)
Ф70mm (W) x 44mm (H) | 50 g (EX-070C)
ConsumptionMaximum 0.5W | DC9V~12V input
EnvironmentTemp.erature: -40°C~70°C;
Humidity: 10%~90% (Non-condensing)
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
DescriptionVersionReleased DateSizeDownloadNote


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