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Anti-fall/trigger radar detector
The Radar Detector is of revolutionary significance to the parking lot’s existing entrance /exiting vehicle detection methods. Using the Loop Detector needs to excavate the ground; it is time-consuming, expensive, difficult to maintain, complicated in wiring, and unable to sense high-chassis vehicles. The Radar Detector can adjust the detection distance, width, and driving direction to make the sensing more accurate; the intuitive display of operation status makes maintenance easier. It perfectly solves the pain points of the Loop Detector.



In a traditional solution, loop and Infrared detectors are commonly used to detect vehicles and pedestrians in the parking lot. However, there are many severe problems in the actual operation of these two solutions, and the following is a summary of the generalized issues.

Problems with the use of loop detectors

  • High cost during installation to cut and recover the pavement.
  • High maintenance costs as the ground coil needs to replace approximately every 3-5 years.
  • Equipment damage cannot be immediately known.
  • Can sense small cars only. It cannot simultaneously detect high chassis cars (such as trucks and buses), motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians.
  • Many scenarios are unsuitable for installing loop detectors, where heavy-current cables and water and gas pipelines are beneath the pavement.

Problems with the use of Infrared detector

  • The infrared detector must install in pairs at both sides of the entrance.
  • It has poor adaptability and is susceptible to interference, such as falling leaves.

GoRad-79G radar detector completely solves the pain points of the above two solutions

GoRad-79G radar detector uses the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system. It can accurately detect cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians and protect them from the impact of the parking barrier gates. In addition to accurate detection, it supports waterproofing, wide operation temperature, weather resistance, easy installation, maintenance, etc., and other impressive performance.

Key Features

GoRad-79G Radar Detector provides much more impressive performance. Compared with the Loop detector or Infrared detector, you will find out many tremendous advantages:

Intuitively viewing the operational status easy to use.

GoRad radar detector based on the vehicle’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), not affected by the weather and electromagnetic wave.

Not limited by installation location, no need to cut and recover the pavement, and easier to construct and maintain.

Adjustable detected distance (0.5-6m) and width (±1.5m), suitable for most parking lot filed.

Height and direction detection can be adjusted to suit different vehicle types of detection and the vehicles’ entry and exit judgment.

Accurately detect cars and pedestrians to protect them from the strike of the parking barrier gates.

Direction detection can be adjusted to suit entry and exit judgment.

More than five years used lifetime has a longer life span than a loop detector.

ParkCount® automatic counting parking spaces system

Calculate the number of empty parking spaces.

① Install license plate cameras at the gates’ exits and entrances to control vehicle entry and exit.

② Install license plate cameras at the exits and entrances of the gates to control the entry and exit of vehicles.

③ Install a direction radar detector behind the parking barrier gates in the lane.

④ Accurately count the number of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot according to the license plate recognition and radar detection results.

ParkSafe® Inter-floor Lane Safety System

The radar detector has a logic timer to control the inter-floor lane’s traffic light signal to maintain driving safety.
When the vehicle passes the radar detection area in a specific direction, the logic timer will trigger to turn on the red light and start timing. The setting time reaches, the red light turns off, and the green light automatically turns on. If another vehicle passes through the detection area during the timing, the timer will reset the timing.

1110210 (2)
Operation frequency79-81GHz
Detection distanceLane width (1~6 meters), left and right length (±0.3~1.5 meters), and detection distance can be adjusted through the App.
Output modeNormally Open x1
Indicator Red: Power | Green: Object detected
Communication portRS-485 | Bluetooth
Heat dissipationNatural convection heat conduction
Operation environment -30℃~65℃ | Humidity 10%~95% (Non-condensing)
PowerDC12-24V; <2.5W
Dimensions | Weight108x 74x 17mm | 0.3 Kg
CertificationCE / FCC / RoSH
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Installation Diagram

Detection Range Diagram

Interface Description

The NetCom I/O controller series combined a variety of DI/DO/AI outputs and inputs. The module collects the GoRad-79G Radar detector’s trigger signal and transmits it to the parking management server via LAN/4G/Wi-Fi. While also can trigger an alarm flasher for notification if necessary.

NC-xxyy LANRGL-xxxVyyAFL-xxxyy
NetCom I/O ControllerLane Traffic LightsBuzzer Flash Light

The controller series has a variety of DI/DO/AI output and input combinations, and please refer to the product specifications for details Netcom_IO Product catalog

Ordering Information:
NC-xxyy LAN; xx=DI number; yy=DO number
Example: NC-1208LAN, it supports 12-channel DI, 8-channel DO, LAN interface
Light: LED;Brightness 2500~4000 (red light) | 4000~5600 (green light)
Wavelength: 630±5nm (red light) | 505±5nm (green light)
Viewing Angle: 30°
Power Consumption: ≤6W.
Operation Temperature: -30℃~+70℃
Power Input: AC110V/ DC24V/DC12V
Material: PC
Dimensions / Weight: 500x 250x 100mm/ 5kg
IP Rating: IP54
Visual Distance: ≥100 meters

Ordering Information:
RGL-xxxVyy;xxx=Input voltage, yy=DC or AC power
Example: RGL-24VDC; this supports red and green lights, DC24V power input
Light Power: 2W
Light Color: Red
Sound Volume: 100dB
Power Input: AC110V/ AC220V/ DC12V/ DC24V (optional)
Material: ABS
Dimensions: Ø164x 220 mm

Ordering Information:
ALF-xxxyy;xxx=input voltage; yy=DC or AC power
Example: ALF-110AC; this supports AC110V power input
DescriptionVersionReleased DateSizeDownloadNote


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